6’10” is somehow better than 6’0″ (Boxing not tinder related)

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In what the fuck is happening news we had a fight Saturday night that was so puzzling, it makes you question if we are living in a simulation. These famous people fights have become increasingly popular over the last year so I shouldn’t be surprised but, Saturday night Aaron Carter took on Lamar Odom in a celebrity boxing match, and it went just about how you would expect it to.

Lamar Odom obviously is much more known as he dated a Kardashian, and word on the street was is he was a basketball player of some sort for the Lakers. If you’re not familiar with Aaron Carter’s work don’t worry, nobody is. He is the brother of Backstreet Boy Nick Carter (aka the blonde one) and apparently is an Only Fans star. He also created this one-hit-wonder masterpiece.

Let’s break down the tape.

A monster size difference here which makes you question “How the hell is any of this allowed?” Nick Aaron comes in with a bold strategy in this second round using a battering ram style approach. The pirouette tossed in reminded us that this kid can still fucking dance. Aaron can thank the headgear for not just covering up that tough to look at face, but for also saving his life as he eats those 82″ reach paws from Odom. You have to love the cockiness of Odom to sag his boxing shorts for a fight right?

I think the biggest head-scratcher in all of this isn’t the question of “Why the fuck is this a thing?” but instead “What the hell is Chuck Liddell doing here?” I’d love to see how much money he pulled out of this because being the Iceman he must’ve made a killing in the UFC. Is he hurting for money this badly? Might be a better question for the boys over at 10kMMA.

Bonkers that Odom tossed his little number out there prior to the fight as well. Just sad really…

Aaron Carter proved what we all knew, athletes are shockingly better athletes than non-athletes. Now I’m not a math guy at all but if I’m calculating this correctly: Aaron beat Shaq and Odom beat Aaron = Odom>Shaq. I don’t need your stats, this is what I believe now.