The Twins have already ruined my Summer

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Summer without a doubt is my favorite season. Unfortunately somebody has already ruined my Summer and Summer’s not even here yet. It’s only April. You see, for the past few of trips around the Sun Chick-Fil-a and the Minnesota Twins had a partnership. Every time a Minnesota Twin hit a double at Target Field, every Metro area Chick-Fil-a gave each person a FREE sandwich. No extra purchases needed. Totally FREE. Very similar to the Wolves making 12 or more threes in a game and getting a free Roast beef from Arby’s the next day.

So as a Twins fan I’d get extra excited when the Twins hit a double at Target Field. Four bucks got me two healthy sized sandwiches that taste delicious. Well fast forward to April 10th 2022… Gary Sanchez ripped a double to the right center gap. I was pumped, love when the Twins do well and free Chick-Fil-a the next day.… Welllllllll after some investigative research I found out that this is no longer a promotion. There is no free Chick-Fil-a anymore. There isn’t anything. And that is how the Minnesota Twins and Chick-Fil-a ruined my Summer. Apparently it has ruined other peoples Summer as well.

There is still time to make things right and bring this back @ChickFilA and @Twins. I believe it would bring good juju to a franchise that has lost eighteen consecutive playoff games. Bring back the daily double and go make a run! Go Twins.