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CHICKENSHIT – The Twins got Fucked by MLB

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** BE ADVISED – Rant combined with strong language because I’m fucking livid ** If you didn’t know this by now, Major League Baseball has a habit of fucking things up and fucking teams/players over. The Minnesota Twins are just the latest team/receiver of the fucking from MLB. The entire state should be pissed off at these spineless, ass-brained-clowns, at MLB Headquarters.

As Twins’ manager Rocco Baldelli put it, this whole thing was CHICKENSHIT.

In case you missed it, here is the play at the plate in the top of the 10th inning at Target Field on Sunday.

MLB fucked up – Twins pay for it

You’ll see that Whit Merrifield of the Toronto Blue Jays had a path to home plate, yet decided to slide directly at the catcher, Gary Sanchez. This, of course, was probably all part of the plan. I could see this being intentional because he knew he was going to be out!

LaVelle E. Neal III speaks the truth

This brings up another point; where was Sanchez supposed to be? Where else was he to go? He was there to catch the fucking ball, not block the plate. What gave some greasy faced, dipshit in New York at the MLB Headquarters reason to overturn the call? NOTHING. That was a horrible. WHAT A PUTRID USE OF THE REPLAY SYSTEM.

The replay system was to help umpires get calls right. Initially used for home runs, it’s now become a massive part of the game. I hate it! This isn’t the NFL! The fact that this play can be reviewed is insane. It’s either you blocked the plate or you didn’t. If the umpires did not think Sanchez blocked the plate initially, that should be the end of it.

The Ejection Rant

Baldelli had a rant for the ages. This is how you let everyone that is calling for your head know that you mean fucking business. He brought so much energy into this.

This was as heated as we have ever seen Baldelli, and I enjoyed every fucking second of it. His post game presser was just as entertaining.

While on the field, Baldelli had to voice his frustrations to get a point across. Obviously the umpires are the ones who made the correct call, but they were the only ones he could talk to. The post game presser is when he went after the idiots in New York and boy did he ever. I could get used to seeing this from Rocco.

I don’t care if you don’t like the Twins. This was a bullshit call and MLB really, REALLY fucked it up. The “Buster Posey Rule” is very vague, but the meat of it relatively easy to follow. Sanchez did not block the plate when he didn’t have the ball. When he went to make a play, he dropped down to tag a runner who was already sliding into him.

This is bullshit and I’m not going to let this go.

MLB fucked up, like Corey and Trevor
Trust me, MLB. You fucked up.