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This month isn’t only for March Madness, it also happens to be Women’s History Month! Women have played a pivotal role in shaping music the way it is today. From singing gospel music to rapping about wet ass pussy. Today, we’re simping shining the spotlight on the top 10 female artists who have ruled the charts, rocked our world, and given us enough girl power to light up 10,000 dance floors. Let’s get it started.

Disclaimer: I REFUSE to have Taylor Swift on here, although I believe she deserves to be on this list, strictly due to her cult called “Swifties”. I can’t stand any of you and I hope you’re irrationally upset that she’s not on here.

Disclaimer part 2: Before we get started, long time readers may be thinking “hasn’t 10K done this bit already?” And that’s not entirely untrue. We sorta did something similar before. But that person doesn’t work here anymore and this one is different. If you count Taylor, this one goes up to 11.

Gwen Stefani

To start the top 10 female artists list, my personal favorite female artist of all time and “lover”, is Gwen Stefani. Ever since I was a little lad, I’ve had a MASSIVE crush on her. Now she’s obviously stunning but that really isn’t even the reason why I’m in love with her. It’s her voice paired with her stage presence that makes my pants tight and my knees weak. I’ve watched countless hours of No Doubt perform in the 90’s. Peak Gwen.

Joan Jett

Joan Jett makes this list on bad girl image alone. Soaked in BG vibes from her dirty hair to her filthy feet. And oh yeah, she rips electric guitar. Next time you listen to “I Love Rock n Roll” pay attention a little closer to the lyrics. She’s talking about wheeling a hot guy at the jukebox and based on what I know about Joan Jett (very little), I’d say she succeeded. Bad girls pull dudes and this woman pulls.

Sheryl Crow

Next on the list, is Sheryl Crow. Now if you don’t think she deserves to be on this list then you really don’t know fuck all about music. She’s the queen of catchy hooks and laid-back vibes with killer guitar skills. I highly recommend watching her documentary on Showtime called, “Sheryl. The amount of absolute bullshit she had to deal with to make it as far as she has is truly remarkable. She’s such a badass.


Fashion killer. Billionaire business mogul. Hardest lyrics (Needed me? Cmon dog the hardest). Swerved a kiss from Drake whilst accepting a Grammy. A$AP Rocky’s baby mama. So famous that at this that she is only a musician when she wants to be. But being the baddest is a job with no PTO for Rihanna. Nobody fucks with the queen.

Miley Cyrus

It takes a serious set of bad girl ovaries to ditch your Hannah Montana persona basically overnight and declare to millions of moms everywhere that you’re a rock n roller and that you’re not looking back. You’re an artist and your music can’t be for the little girls anymore. That’s what Miley did and my lord is this girl a rock n roller.

If you could trap sexy in a bottle it would be Miley’s voice that came out when you took the cap off. She does what she wants when she wants to do it and she is damn good at her craft at the same time. Go listen to her song “GIMME WHAT I WANT” the next time you are getting ready to arm wrestle your dad. I guarantee you’ll win.

Whitney Houston

Now, let’s talk about Whitney Houston (RIP). She’s regarded as having one of the best voices of all time. I think she DOES have the greatest voice of all time. Literally every time I listen to “I Will Always Love You” I get chills and you probably do too. Just watch this video of known 10k nemsis Celine Dion stopping mid-interview to watch Whitney sing. Says it all.

Aretha Franklin

This wouldn’t be a legitimate list of top 10 female artists without “The Queen of Soul” herself. Aretha didn’t just demand respect, she commanded it with every note she sang. Her voice was a force of nature capable of moving mountains. With hits like the two above, Aretha showed us all what it means to be a true diva. Powerful, passionate, and perpetually in need of a fan to keep her crown from slipping!

Shania Twain

Hand up, I’m not a Country music guy whatsoever. Frankly, it’s absolute garbage music in my opinion. However, you just can’t leave Shania Twain off the list of top 10 female artists. That’s a cardinal sin. Fun fact for you, her album “Come On Over” is the 3rd best-selling album of all time behind “Eagles Greatest Hits”, which shouldn’t count since it has songs from multiple albums and Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”.

Pat Benatar

“Love is a Battlefield”, “Heartbreaker”, “Hit me with Your Best Shot”, “We Belong”. Ever heard of them? Rhetorical. Of course you have. There is a reason that every woman in the 80s did their hair exactly the same way Patty B did. Because it rocks. Just like she does. A walking hit machine with lips. Opera pipes. HEAVY eye shadow. Stir those ingredients up in a pot and you have a bad bad girl on your hands, my friends.

Stevie Nicks

The original. The GOAT of female rock n rollers. Ageless. “Edge of Seventeen” forever. Fucking badass. Without Stevie seducing men and women alike as the frontwoman of Fleetwood Mac who knows if the other women on this list would ever have come to be. She was a trailblazer for female vocalists who wanted to push the envelope and nothing makes me have to adjust my waistband quicker than listening to her powerhouse tracks when I jump in the car.

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