Chris Sale Loses His Shit in Red Sox Minor League Game

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Have you ever been doing something, whether it’s a sport or even work, and you just need to let off a little anger? When I’m having a bad round of golf, my go-to is either aggressively drinking or chucking whatever club hit that shitty, fatted shot. I don’t go too crazy though. Wouldn’t want anyone to think I’m some sort of psycho.

Apparently, Boston Red Sox All-Star pitcher Chris Sale doesn’t give a fuck because he went absolutely apeshit on a TV in the team’s clubhouse Wednesday.

Injuries have led him down a dark path

Sale has been through a lot since the 2019 season ended. He hasn’t exactly been the healthiest guy in the league.

He missed all of 2020 with Tommy John surgery, only pitched 42 and 2/3 innings in 2021, and then fractured his ribs earlier this year during the lockout. He’s started the past 3 seasons on the IL! I feel for the guy.

Sale has yet to pitch at the Major League level this season and has made a handful of starts in the Minors as part of his rehab. His last start with the Worcester WooSox (Red Sox Triple-A Affiliate) was his worst start of the year.

Video of Chris Sale’s actions in the clubhouse

Not the first time Sale has gone crazy off the mound

Sale’s meltdown in the WooSox clubhouse isn’t the first time he’s displayed this sort of behavior.

In 2013 while playing for the White Sox, Sale got knocked around by the Texas Rangers and took his anger out on a Gatorade cooler. It’s common practice in the big leagues for a player to take their anger out on anything branded “Gatorade”.

In 2014, Sale and the White Sox were set to wear their throwback jerseys in a game against the Detroit Tigers. Apparently, Sale didn’t like the jerseys too much. So, in a fit of anger, he cut up all of the throwback jerseys. I literally mean ALL of the jerseys.

Jersey that Sale cut up

Sale was scratched from his start that day and was later suspended 5 games for this incident.

Nut case moments that are similar to Sale’s

Sale isn’t the first player to have a meltdown in MLB history. He also won’t be the last. Here are some fantastic examples of other players having their moment.

David Ortiz

Brian Wilson

Carlos Zambrano

These things happen in Baseball, I just wish I could do the same at work.