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Slick Rick Shows His Dick, Drafts Christian Darrisaw

NFL Vikings

Draft night 2021 edition had its ups and downs for Minnesota Vikings fans. One could assume after sliding down to acquire pick #23 and a pair of third-rounders we had lost out on a decent lineman. But 9 picks later he was still there. And thank fucking god.

Rick being Rick

This is a great pick, and an even better deal to get 2 more picks out of it the next day, especially considering we don’t own a 2nd round pick (thanks for nothing, Yannick). That will surely change heading into Day 2, as Rick Spielman was able to walk away with 7 (!) picks in Rounds 3 and 4. Slick Rick sure loves his late-round picks.

Rick Spielman

Christian Darrisaw will be legit. And if you don’t believe the hype, check the tape. We finally found someone to build behind and protect Kirk Cousins from being hosel-rocketed for another fucking safety. Here’s to hoping the Vikings brass has a plan for this guy to succeed. I can’t take another shitty season of sacks and forced fumbles.

… Also Rick has a fucked up sense of humor