Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Significant Other

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It is now 13 days until Christmas day. Do you have presents for your wife, girlfriend, situationship or maybe someone you want to date? If not, I have a quick list, curated by me of things to get the ladies in your life.

I’m kidding. This list was put together by my lovely wife and I just get to blog it to the masses and hope it helps some guy who usually just buys gift cards.

Things to Avoid

Gift Cards/Vouchers/Coupons:

According to my wife this is such a “cop out and lacks any kind of effort”. It used to be funny to be the guy that would only do gift cards or cash. Now, it shows you couldn’t care less and stopped at Target on your way over.

Quotes from my lady:

“If you give your girl a coupon for a massage you are cheap”

“The only acceptable coupons are ones that are handmade and has you doing things you normally wouldn’t do. Don’t make a coupon for taking out the trash if that’s already something you do.”

“If you do get me a massage make it a solo one. I want time to myself.”


Cash is a big no-no. Not only is it not personable it can make the person receiving it feel a certain type of way.


“What am I just some girl you throw money at? Try harder”

“Tell them to never say, here’s money go buy whatever you want. It may seem like a flex to give cash but it really isn’t.”

A Few Things To Get

Now this first one is quite expensive but “this thing is legit and every girl wants one”. A bit of advice from me, this seems like a long term girlfriend or wife kind of gift. Definitely proceed to the next few options if you are like 3 months into a relationship.

A trip to Ulta or Sephora to buy the following:

”A gift bag of this stuff is a wonderful gift, especially for someone who is buying Christmas presents for the first time in the relationship. Even if you break up it’s not exactly items that you want to break or get rid of.”

”The best gift would be a day of activities that feature my favorite things. If you show any kind of effort in putting together a day out it goes a long way.”

For example, take me to the Christmas Market in St. Paul then go out for a nice dinner at a place we wouldn’t usually go to. Anything new is always fun.


“Pretty much anything from Lulu is a nice gift. If you don’t know her exact size try to find something in her closet with a size on it or ask a sister or friend to help.”