Christmas Time Is Here

NHL Wild

Despite the Minnesota Wild getting eaten by the San Jose Sharks the other night, we must all remember one thing. Christmas time is here. 

What I believe to be the most incredible time of year, Christmas is a time where loved ones come together to bring holiday cheer to a world that seems to be lost. It’s that time of year where grudges are put to the side, memories are made, “I love you’s” are said more than usual and ugly sweaters are a necessity. 

You see, while life can be chaotic and messy there is so much good that’s often clouded by all the negative. Did the Wild losing to a crap Sharks team last night sting? Yes, but look at the last several weeks! They’ve been awesome! And the new It’s A Bit podcast featuring Bill Guerin? Amazing. Did I leave my delicious leftovers in the car overnight which led to me throwing them out this morning? Yes. Did it make me mad? Oh absolutely. But I still had my morning cup of coffee, a bagel with cream cheese and blue skies outside my front door. Yes, life is frustrating sometimes but never forget the good. 

No matter how challenging life can be, Christmas is the time of miracles. Except for last night where the Wild lost to the Sharks. No miracle was coming out of that dumpster fire of a game. Like what the heck happened?! We play solid for weeks and then skate around with poopy diapers against a team that’s lacking fins?! I mean come on! 

Anyway, back to what really matters, Christma…

No but seriously, let’s take a sec to examine that game. 

1. Refs sucked

2. Horrible passes which led to turnovers which led to goals

3. I lost all four of my bets

4. Shaw received a game misconduct and may get suspended

Okay, sorry about that. Back to Christmas. 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Let’s take this time to make new memories, play silly games with the family, bake cookies and just remember what I said before. No matter how chaotic life is, Christmas has a unique way of making everything okay. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Minnesota Wild fans.