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There is no sporting event that dominates its schedule like the Masters. It is so much better than every other golf event and it ain’t close. The best players, the immaculate course, the birds, the flowers, Jim Nantz whispering, Verne Lundquist yelling, all of it gets me. You could almost say it’s a tradition unlike any other.

And while I am a Tiger Woods guy, I can admit our guy just doesn’t have it this year. He needs another year or so before I truly believe he will contend again at Augusta.

There is another guy. One that seems too likable. Too perfect. He has won here before and is the key to us making some serious cash this April. With that being said, I am putting down multiple mortgage payments down on Jordan Spieth to win his second Green Jacket. Right now, you are able to get him anywhere from +1500 to +2000.

Jordan is currently tied for the lead in Hawaii at the Sony Open and still has shots like this in the bag. If I know anything about Augusta it’s this:

If you leave it short, you better have a solid short game.

My guy Spieth is one of the best.