EA Sports College Football is FINALLY Coming Back!

Football NCAA

EA Sports is bringing back the greatest video game series of all time! With their announcement on Tuesday morning that they would be bringing back a version of their NCAA College Football series, football fans across the world are freaking out.

Precisely the sign from God we have been waiting for patiently.

After going defunct after their last installment back in 2013, NCAA ’14, fans have been itching for a new game. They’ll finally get it in the next few years when the game is finally completed as there is no definitive release date at this point in time.

Although the series has been in limbo ever since the horrific O’Bannon v. NCAA lawsuit that led college athletics into a death spiral surrounding student-athlete name, image, and likeness (NIL). With new legislation being pushed through the NCAA, players will likely be able to profit off their NIL. However, the much anticipated return of the college football series will not include player models that resemble any current players.

EA Sports should've been making games without the NCAA. Just ask Joe Burrow.

Although, for the game to return, it was never about NIL. The NCAA doesn’t even have to change their rules to allow the game to blossom. Just look at other college football video game projects over the last few years.


Yet that isn’t stopping EA Sports from bringing the game back into existence. The bigger question is going to be, “Will we be able to edit rosters and players to reflect those who are actually playing?”.

This has been a major reason NCAA 14 is still played to this day. With large communities banding together online to overhaul the generic rosters year in and out. Although future legislation may allow players to be included right off the bat, there is some frustration on how that will be accomplished. As Congress appears set on addressing college sports reform and compensation in the coming years. While some believe that is good for the sport, it isn’t. Unless it is pursued an extremely specific way. But that is a conversation for another time.

The Game to End All Games

Even with the release date yet to be announced, fans and players are salivating to get their hands on the game.


With the game in the early stages of development, it is unsure what will be included. As EA Sports is currently working with the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) to ensure it is the most authentic college football video game to date. This includes everything from mascots, stadiums, logos, to even school traditions.

According to EA Sports vice president and general manager Daryl Holt told ESPN, “Right now, it’s been more of a focus on the partnership with CLC, the design aspects, early on innovations that we’re working on that might have a long tail on them. And then building a team and pulling the team together both internally and externally to make a great game.”

While EA Sports has released miss after miss, there is optimism this revival of one of their most popular franchises won’t be trash. Especially considering how massively college football has evolved since the last installment of the game.

Fans have been craving a game that includes everything from a playoff, to recruiting multiple classes at once, even sanctions. Anything to make the game as authentic as possible. Even making the game harder should be on a fan’s bucket list. As someone who plays on Heisman with intense sliders, I still end up winning it all each year.

Start Saving Up

With this announcement, the newest installment will be on the newest generations of consoles. The Xbox Series X and PS5. Consoles that are currently so backordered and expensive, it is a good thing the game is in the early stages of development.

However, even if they price the game at $100, that will pale in comparison to what the current market is for NCAA 14. A game so popular people currently pay upwards of $300 just for the game disc. So start saving your coins now.

No matter the price, this game will be worth it. Let us celebrate because the future is bright and full of crazy nights playing a franchise that has never gotten old. Just pray EA doesn’t include any Ultimate Team game modes…