College Football Betting Card Week 3

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I fucking LOVE betting on college football. Especially the first few weeks, and especially on BettorEdge. The odds makers really don’t know who’s good yet (cough cough Notre Dame) and that can work in the bettors favor. And that hasn’t been me because I’m an idiot. After two weeks of college football being back, it’s been much of an up-and-down battle for me. Week one we started off COLD. Like fuck, I’m freezing cold. Then we were able to bounce back last week with a couple of beauties like Texas +20 and of course the “Plums” game of the week, Washington State Moneyline over those fucking losers in Wisconsin. So drumroll please…Renz’s College Football Betting Card For Week 3

#1 Georgia vs South Carolina – Georgia -24.5 / TOTAL OVER 51

Not like the number one gives it away, but the Georgia Bulldogs might be really good. So good that they’re favored by more than three touchdowns against their SEC opponent the cock commanders.

Yes, South Carolina faithful wanted to rename their mascot, a real-life animal, Cock Commander.

Georgia is 2-0 and has put up 82 points in the first two weeks including 49 against #11 Oregon (who might suck) in week 1 while only allowing 3 points.

South Carolina is 1-1 and has put up 65 total points through their first two games while allowing 14 against something called Georgia State and a whopping 44 against an awesome Arkansas team.

I think Georgia has a small chance of covering this over by themselves but I love this over and think Georgia will cover.

Renz’s Non-Educated Guess: Georgia 45 South Carolina 17

Renz’s Educated Guess: Georgia 45 South Carolina 21


Not all plums games can be “run down your cheek” juicy, but this is “ran down to the market and got a decently juicy plum for lunch” juicy.

On this week’s episode of High Risk High Reward, Marlow pointed out that I love to bet with my heart and gut. This is one of those games, such as most of my plums plays are.

Nebraska sucks. That is no secret. Is Oklahoma that good? Apparently not. The fact the Nebraska ML is +398 for a team that lost a weird game to Northwestern in Europe, had a tight game against the UND Fighting Hawks (Yes the fighting hawks. I don’t care that the University of Minnesota hasn’t won a national championship in Men’s hockey in 20 years, I LOVE giving UND fans shit about not being the Sioux. Suck it.) and straight up lost to Georgia Southern. Not a great resume, but Scott Frost is gone and it’s time for a new Husker season.

Oklahoma is the number six team in the country. SIXTH! In the eyes of the experts, the sixth-best team in the nation is only an 11-point favorite over this Nebraska team. Go Big Red.

Renz’s Non-Educated Guess: Nebraska 28 Oklahoma 24

Tulane vs Kansas State – Tulane +14

Week after week, Tulane’s Twitter has made me fall in love more and more with them. I’m so horny for their uni’s and turns out they’re a decent football team. They haven’t played anyone too intimidating but are averaging 47 points a game and only giving up 5.

Kansas State has been pretty good too and they’re at home and probably just a better team being in a better conference.

Big heart play here but I’ll be rooting loud for the Wave in this one and I actually think they can keep it within 14. #RollWave

Renz’s Non-Educated Guess: Kansas State 30 Tulane 20

Ole Miss vs Georgia Tech – Ole Miss -17 / Total Over 63.5

I love Ole Miss this year. They’re always a team that competes in the SEC but can never make a big run. They haven’t really been tested this year and I don’t think they will this week either. They put up an epic 59 points last week and have only let up 13 total in the first two weeks. My heart and gut come into play here with rooting for MN native Lane Kiffin.

Georgia Tech is Georgia Tech. I don’t know anything about them and I don’t care to. I’m assuming they’ll let up a shit ton of points and maybe score a few late in garbage time. That’s where the over hits.

Renz’s Non-Educated Guess: Ole Miss 48 Georgia Tech 17

Nevada vs Iowa – Nevada +24

Iowa’s games this year have been a big snooze fest.

We all watched them barely beat SDSU 7-3 and then blew it against Iowa State last week 10-7. I really didn’t want to bet this game but 24 points in A LOT of points. Especially for a team that is favored and hasn’t scored more than 7 points in a game so far this season. I don’t see that changing this week for the college football betting card week 3.

Whenever I think of Nevada football all I can think of is Colin Kaepernick. Remember that guy? Crazy stuff. They’ve put up some points this season but they did lose last week to Incarnate Word. Sounds like a fake college to me so there’s no way Nevada beats a Big Ten team. Right? No way. Maybe? They at least keep it within 24 when they lose 7-0.

Renz’s Non-Educated Guess: Iowa 7 Nevada 0