College Football Bulletin Board Material: Week 4

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Rivalries are one of the things that make college football great. Many times you don’t need any bulletin board material to get up for a big game against your rival, yet often enough there’s still a character that stirs the pot to make it more personal. As a blogger, I’m a big fan of narratives and college football offers plenty of them! Here’s the best of this week.


Steve Spurrier isn’t coaching the Gators anymore but his legendary chirps of the Tenessee Vols live on forever. Vols fans are still healing from the burn almost 30 years later. The Gators have won 5 straight and 16 of the last 17 matchups. Spurrier still lives rent-free in the heads of Tennessee fans. Keep that one on the board Vols.

NC State

While NC State and North Carolina don’t play until November 26th, QB Drake Maye decided to get his shots in early for this year’s game. This is the mother of all bulletin board moves. Not only, does this stew an impending matchup that is over 2 months away, but also drifts their focus now. You know the Wolfpack already has this one written down.

Michigan State

A rare but noteworthy bulletin board piece is what I like to call the inside-out message. Mel Tucker spoke to the media earlier this week and gave his thoughts on the type of coach he is after the loss to Washington last weekend. He could’ve kept this message internal, but used the media to air it out nationally and heat up his team. I applaud the move, but that’s for themselves, not the Gophers. No wonder the Gophers are favored on the road going into this weekend’s game.

Looking Ahead

We’re just getting warmed up as many big-time programs are just warming up with conference play. The narratives will continue to heat up matchups on a week-to-week basis.