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You people make me sick. How could you have ever believed this NONSENSE? Vicious rumors spread across the internet that Corey Perry had sexual relations with Bedard’s mom. I’m here to put the record straight! COREY PERRY DID NOT BANG CONNOR BEDARD’S MOM. Didn’t your parents teach you not to believe everything you read on the internet?!

I did not have sexual relations with that woman

Bill Clinton, Corey Perry

As the only Chicago Blackhawks fan here at 10K, I feel obligated to defend the organization to the bitter end. The last few years there’s been a dark cloud over us Blackhawks fans with the awful Kyle Beach and John Doe situation. Now we have this bullshit to deal with. I do not believe this heinous rumor whatsoever and neither should you. If you do believe these rumors to be true, you probably think Santa is real and gullible is written on the ceiling.

Kyle Davidson Addresses the Media

You don’t even have to believe me. Clearly, I’m very biased. However, you should believe Blackhawks GM, Kyle Davidson, as he addressed the media today about the current situation.

Please watch
God what a piece of shit, good riddance

Here are the Best Tweets I Found on the Subject Matter

I will say that the tweets that I saw regarding this completely false rumor were fucking hilarious. I did the dirty work for you and compiled the best tweets I could find. You’re welcome.

Tip of the cap to this guy, this is funny