County Fair Season Is Upon Us

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The best thing about summer in Minnesota is without a doubt, County Fair Season. The annual meet up of rednecks, teenagers out looking for some fun, and drunks is unparalleled. And this year, we’re introducing a video segment called “Hot Takes and Funnel Cakes”.

I plan on visiting county fairs across this great state of ours in order to find the hottest sports takes as well as the best funnel cakes. Below is a few of my favorite things about county fairs as well as a tentative schedule for the video series if anyone wants to come out and get off some Hot Takes.

The quintessential summer song from Tim McGraw. Just a guy going to the county fair and meeting an absolute smoke. The thing everyone dreams about but so few actually experience.

Funnel Cakes. Easily the best food at every fair, while also being the biggest rip-off. It literally costs pennies to make a plate of funnel cakes with powdered sugar sprinkled on top. However, these stands charge like $6-$7 for them. An absolute racket, but one I will happily pay for.

(Sidenote: If anyone wants to start a Funnel Cakes stand with me, hit my DMs and by next county fair season we will be raking in the cash.)

Tentative Schedule for Hot Takes and Funnel Cakes

July 13-16: Sherburne County Fair (Elk River, MN)

By far the easiest fair to get to, head west on 94, take 101 North, 10 West and boom you’re getting interviewed by me and 10K Takes.

July 20-24: Wright County Fair (Howard Lake, MN)

Take 394/Highway 12 into Howard Lake. My local fair, lots of fun, lots of drunk people with HOT TAKES.

Hopefully with enough content from those 2 fairs, we will take a month break then come back hard at the end of August with the Grand Daddy of Them All, the Minnesota State Fair.

If you want a full schedule of ALL the county fairs in Minnesota just click here!

Check that list out and meet me at one of the fairs I listed above! Come prepared with your hottest takes and we can enjoy some funnel cakes together!