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Cup Snakes are Like the Space Race, and Minnesota is Winning

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What is a Cup Snake?

beer snake, or cup snake, is the stacking of numerous plastic beer cups to form a “snake.” Beer snakes are most commonly found at sporting events that are played out over many hours, such as cricket. Some snakes have been reported in the media as being up to 175 m long.[

Per Wikipedia

Before we move on, if you scroll to the “Notable Examples” section of that Wikipedia Page, you will find on the 5th bullet down reads “July 1, 2021: St.Paul Saints fans and 10,000 Takes joined forces and broke the record for the largest cup snake in North America with a 102-foot cup snake”.

Holy shit, we made Wikipedia last time
Per Bally Sports North broadcast of the St. Paul Saints game
Per ESPN, My pants got tight giving out this credit

Not only are we able to consume agressive amounts of alcohol in a short amount of time, but we can also enginebeer a structure out of empty cups under an extreme amount of pressure and inebriation.

Started from the bottom now we’re here

It all started with group of Twitter activists that wanted to make a statement at the Twins game (that resulted in a swarm of Target Field security guards) and it brought us to a call from Joon Lee of ESPN for a story at the top of the ESPN WEBSITE

For all of the cucks from Chicago saying “Cup Snakes shouldn’t be organized, they should come out of nowhere”. What a stupid take. What if you didn’t organize a party and just expected people to show up? It would suck and wouldn’t break any records. We all know if you had the ability to partner with the Cubs to help promote and build it, you aren’t going to say “No, thats not how they work”. Take a hike Chicago fans.

Cup Snakes started as a stunt. But they are evolving into a competition between sports teams and their fans when they want to somehow contribute to the growth of the team. At this point it’s us vs. everyone else in the country.

I like to compare the Cup Snake to the Space Race. Minnesota broke the world record, but that’s just the moon. There’s an entire universe out there to explore. I refuse to stop until there is an entire museum that outlines the history of Cup Snake exploration, and I intend to profit heavily off of shitty souvenirs sold at that museum.

Painted by an unknown European Artist or something

What’s next anyway?

As we venture further into this exploration, you are probably asking “what’s next, guys?”

10,000 Takes and our loyal fanbase intend to build the first ever cup snake at a NHL game. On November 30th, we are going to Joey Chestnut our own record of 102 feet while doing it at a new sporting event. We have partnered with the Minnesota Wild on November 30th against the Arizona Coyotes to make history and build the first ever Cup Snake in Hockey history. Based on how the Wild’s first game against the Desert Dogs went, I think it’s safe to say this will be a great atmosphere to drink copious amounts of beer.

Want to be in on the action?

BUY TICKETS HERE. All you have to pay is $35 and it includes:

  • On Ice photo before the game
  • Private party at the Taphouse located in the X
  • $5 donated to the Minnesota Wild Foundation, which benefits youth hockey in Minnesota
  • A SotaStick T-shirt (shown below)

And hell, if you can’t swing $35, you can have the opportunity to come for free on our Twitter and Instagram.

The decision is really up to you. Do you want to make history? If you do, get all of your friends and family together and buy some tickets. The more help we have, the larger the snake will be.

THIS IS YOUR TIME, NOW GO OUT THERE AND TAKE IT!” – Bossman – Kurt Russell – Herb Brooks