The Dairy Queen Crunch Cone is Tragically Underrated.

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I have a lot of strong opinions on food. Want to know where to eat? I got you. Want to know the best chips? I got you. Want to know where NOT to eat? I’ve also got you there. I find that there are a lot of popular options that are wildly overrated but recently I tweeted about the Dairy Queen crunch cone and was surprised by how many people have never even heard of it. These bad boys were a staple of my childhood.

For those that have never had a Dairy Queen Crunch Cone, I apologize that you’ve missed out for this long. It’s a vanilla cone topped with sprinkles and crushed peanut butter nougats. It’s a pure stunner of sweet and salty mixes. However, the DQ Crunch Cone isn’t available everywhere. I think a lot of the corporate stores have discontinued them, which is a massive mistake. I’m also told by a few super-angry people on Reddit that these are regional. This means it may take a bit of hunting to land one. If you want to come hang out with me in Mankato, both of the locations here have them. Or you can try to make your own here but it won’t be as good unless you own a soft-serve ice cream machine. I will warn you though, make sure to grab some napkins when you take finally are able to find one. They can be a little messy.

Some people had correct responses

Some people didn’t.

Do yourself a favor and head to DQ right now. Don’t listen to this Goose character, he’s just incorrect about the DQCC. You deserve a DQ Crunch Cone. It’s pure happiness. Don’t want to trust just me advice? Listen to a former DQ employee, he’ll let you know the truth.

See? They slap. They’re a beautiful, wonderful, delicious thing. Once you get your DQCC, I want you to tweet me your beautiful cone pictures. @NickLewis37