Dallas is Moldy Bread

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There’s a lot to say about how this game went, however, I’ll plead the fifth and keep most of my delusional thoughts to myself. I won’t dive into the fact that the Dallas Stars have some members of their fan base who lack hockey knowledge and respect. I’m not going to waste hours of my night typing away at the fact that Ryan Suter reminds me of bread that’s sat out since Neil Armstrong stepped foot on the Moon. And most importantly I’m not going to waste my night knowing the refs don’t give two slimy poops about Kirill Kaprizov and how it’s okay to cheap-shot him at every conceivable moment. I’m better than that. Instead, I’ll do my quick, typical recap about a game that didn’t go our way.

My Thoughts

A lot. I have a lot of thoughts. However, instead of babbling away, I’ll jot down my top five thoughts because I’m irritated.

  • Why did Fleury start?

I get load management is a thing and they don’t want to drain Gus Bus but this is the Stanley Cup playoffs. We’re fortunate to have two incredible netminders and after the night Gus had on Monday, it seemed like a decision that needed to be made. Gus will be back on Friday.

  • Why did we give up so many breakaways?

I don’t have a specific answer to this. Did we have bad line changes? Tired legs? Idk but it sure as hell happened more than once.

  • Why are our special teams so God-awful?

Shoot the puck, and be aggressive. Come on.

  • Why do the refs allow Kaprizov to be assaulted shift after shift?

It’s such an effing joke. Just watch the replays, it’s a disgrace.

  • Why is Ryan Suter an asshole?

He’s moldy bread that needs to retire. One of the most disliked players in the league out there throwing cheap shots just to get some attention. He probably sleeps like a baby each night waking up every two hours crying about how his tenure with the Wild ended. Idiot.


I easily could’ve had a longer list but I think this is solid. Friends, it was a rough night. A rough night opposite of game one and I just want to put this on the back burner and focus on the next one. The next one with the series notched up at one apiece, the Wild are going to show up and knock the crap out of Dallas. Friday. It’s going to happen.

Deano said, “We don’t get pushed around.”

He’s right. We don’t.