Daniel Jones Is ELITE- TNF Best Bets.


Week 3 has arrived and I still can’t wrap my head around that it’s football season. This week we have the Giants not looking so Giant when they fly into San Franciso as double-digit underdogs. Will Daniel Jones be able to pull the first big upset of the NFL season?

As always before we go over this week’s best bets let’s go over how we did last week.

Last Weeks Bets

Heading into the week, we found ourselves with a record of 2-4 (-1.5U). Were we able to change things in week 2?

1. Dallas Goedert O4.5 Receptions +110 (1U) & Anytime TD Scorer +229 (.3U)

Let’s start with the bad news. 22 yards, and no touchdowns. The good news? 6 receptions! It feels oh so sweet, mostly because originally I was going to bet his yards instead. All we needed was the dump passes and we got the job done.

2. First Score FG +150 (1.5U) & First Turnover Fumble +155 (1.5U)


Let’s start with the first score FG. The Eagles drove right down the field to open the game and had 1st & Goal from the 9-yard line. Thankfully the Vikings defense decided to show up and shut down the Eagles, making them kick and easy 24-yard FG. Nothing better than getting the first half and free-rolling the 2nd.

First Turnover Fumble

Both bets over and won within the 1st Quarter? BANGOOOOO! This one was weird because I went from cheering because of the return to SCREAMING BALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL within a second. Sucks it was the Vikings, but thankfully this happened because Hurts would throw an INT a couple of possessions later.



Some drunk fucks found their way onto a Tik-Tok after the Vikings loss last week and opened a valid conversation. It just so happens that I know these guys, and they might be onto something.

Is Buttergate in Philly happening? I’m not one to accuse one of anything, but if there was ever a scumbag franchise to do it, guess who I would point at? Maybe this goes deeper and is an NFL thing? 2/2 to start the year, Is Buttergate in the NFL happening before our eyes?

3. Over 49 -115 (1U) & Over 24.5 1H -105 (1U)

1/2 sucks, mostly when originally I had only the full game… but you win some, ya lose some. JJ scoring instead of fumbling on the 1, would have the 1H over some life, but it ended 13-7 @ the half.

Thankfully the 2nd half changed completely with 42 total points. Is the Vikings over a must-bet every week?

Week 2 Recap

Two Weeks In The Books… AND WE ARE IN THE GREEN! Turned out to be a great Thursday. Unless ur one of those idiots who love to fade my bets.

Week 2 Record: 4-2 (+4.5U)

Season Record: 6-6 (+3U)

Week Three Preview

This week we have the Giants heading into San Francisco to take on the 49ers. The Giants started the year getting outscored 61-0 but found a way to come back and beat the Cardinals to be 1-1. They will be battling without Saquon this week, which somehow gives me more confidence in Daniel Jones to pull of this huge upset.

The 49ers on the other hand have left off exactly where they left off in the regular season last year, having a 2-0 record while looking dominant. Can the Giants put up a fight? Or will this be a game or only watching so that you can cheer on our bets? Here are my best bets for this week’s TNF matchup.

Upset Alert

1. Christian McCaffrey Under 78.5 Rushing Yards +105 (1U)

Why am I doing this? I have no fricken idea. Something to scream that he’s going to somehow get shut down in the running game. I’ll be the first to admit this could easily be a loser in the first half. Do I love this bet? No. Do I like it enough to put it in my blog? Duh.

2. First Score FG +140 (1.5U) & First Turnover Fumble +155 (1.5U)

Was there any doubt what bets were going to be in this slot? Like I said last week if these bets stay consistent they will be in my bet slips every.. single.. week. All we need is one, but another 2/2 week would feel oh so sweet. Upping the unit worked last week, let’s not change anything now.

2B Bonus Bet: Giants First Score Method FG +105 (1.5U)

Another FG bet? You got it. I love this bet almost more than the ones above. Unless they get some long-bomb lucky TD, I think this is the lock of the night.

3. Giants +10.5 -110 (1U)

Giants +10.5 without Saquon? Yeah, I’m nuts for betting on this. What can I say, I really trust Daniel Jones.

Underdogs ATS are 2-0 to start the TNF season, can we make it 3-0 this week? I’m sitting there thinking how do the 49ers not beat them by 30, which is exactly why I’m taking the Giants.

This game screams backdoor cover just like last week.

More Importantly For The Back Door Vikings Cover

Best Of Luck

Another week of fighting and battling on these TNF slates. We have a couple of units to play with after last week, can we keep the upward success going? In Daniel Jones we trust.

As always best of luck if you are riding my picks.

Daniel Jones