Dean Evason to the Hot Seat! 


Okay, before anyone flips out, no, I don’t think Minnesota Wild head coach Dean Evason is on the hot seat. Do I think the Wild are, uh, bad? Yes, as most fans would agree. Do I think we’ll turn it around? I do, and I think we’ll see that soon after this past weekend despite dropping both games in OT. But IF things don’t turn around quickly, then the Dean hot seat conversation needs to start.

A look at the Wild Situation

With a not-so attractive record of 5-8-4, the Minnesota Wild are off to their worst start in, well, years.

It’s hard watching, however, this past weekend, despite the two Ls, we saw a team that skated in the right direction back-to-back for the first time all season. Yes, it would’ve been nice getting our first win since the United States landed on the moon but two points, I guess I’ll take it. (YES THAT WAS SUPER DRAMATIC BUT FIVE STRAIGHT LOSSES BRINGS OUT THE WORST IN ME SO MY BAD).

Where Art Thou Kirill and Boldy?

Can anyone find them? No? Sweet. Millions of dollars spent on these guys that are producing little. Give me skates and a stick and I’ll toss some pucks to the back of the net. As long as it’s empty. With no one around. Alone. Again, dramatic but just accept it. 

Anyway Kaprizov, our superstar, is off to a lukewarm start of 5 goals and 10 assists in 17 games whereas Boldy is off to 1 goal and 7 assist start in 10 games (he was injured so I guess I’ll give him a break). It’s tough to see but we’ve got to learn to be patient. 

The Bright Side of the Wild

Marco Rossi. That is the bright side. 

Being a Minnesota Sports Fan

As every Minnesota sports fan can agree, being a fan of our teams is one of life’s biggest challenges. Continuous heartbreak, one too many alcoholic beverages consumed out of frustration, games that look winnable which gets our hopes up ONLY TO BE LET DOWN IN THE FINAL MOMENTS (sup Vikings), the list goes on. But with all this negativity and bullshit we can all agree on one thing. We never give up and we stick with the teams.