Dear NBA, THIS is how you fix All-Star weekend…

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This weekend marks the halfway point of the NBA season and while it’s been white-hot garbage for our favorite team, things are still going crazy elsewhere. The festivities in Atlanta are all happening on the same night, unlike the usual format of having all the special shit separate from the actual game itself a day later. But I’m here to throw a few things out in the open and see how All-Star weekend can be even better….

RIP Kobe.

Bring back team uniforms!

My favorite part of the MLB All-Star game has to be seeing everyone in their respective team outfits during the game. It’s about the simple shit for me, and it’s just a different look and feels less forced. Guys are just playing ball! Plus, all the special All-Star jerseys are so damn disgusting. Who would spend $110 on some rainbow-looking garbage with a corporate Kia logo on it? Nah. This year’s jersey looks bad, like something from a Create-A-Uniform in NBA Live 2006 or a good high school uniform. If you wanna do special specific j’s for the big game, at least do something wild like these.

Make the other games and festivities mean more

The idea of the NBA to install the Elam Ending for the 2020 edition of the game was brilliant. Guys were diving for loose balls and taking charges in an exhibition game, it was insane. The winning team took home a million dollars towards the charities of their choices. Good for them, considering the players themselves don’t need any more cash. What I’m proposing is that the NBA do the same for the Rising Stars game and the other festivities for All-Star weekend. Maybe it won’t convince Zach LaVine with his $19 million salary to join the Slam Dunk contest and make us swoon once again, but it would be a huge boost for some of the young guys that end up winning these things to get a nice bag on top of it.

Make Las Vegas the permanent host of the game ğŸŽ²

This one is one straight from my own imagination, so bear with me here. The NBA rotates between all the big cities for the game, why not have it in one spot? And Las Vegas is a great place to be, especially in late February and early March compared to the rest of the country. The ever-growing betting industry, tons of upscale entertainment and eating, and who can forget the casinos? Making Vegas the permanent host would be a great way for the NBA to make their mark on Sin City. Perhaps this could be the beginning of a franchise making its way there.

The Aftermath

Well, All-Star weekend went off pretty well. Steph killed the 3-point challenge, A big man won the Skills Challenge, and Anfernee Simons tried to kiss the rim during the dunk contest. That stunt did him pretty fucking well, even though he never actually kissed the rim.

The game itself this year was not very competitive due to Team LeBron being a god squad. It was actually tons of fun to see LeBron and Steph on the same team together. Giannis ended up winning MVP thanks to a perfect 16-16 on shots. Congrats Giannis, another useless award besides a damn title! The antics were the same as always with the alley-oops and DEEP shots from half-court by Dame and Steph. Crazy how these guys have reinvented the game.

The NBA will always be a slight step above for their huge max contracts and their willingness to overlook weed on drug tests. Here’s to hoping we see a Zion Willamson vs Zach LaVine slam dunk contest for a million big ones in the future. We could see if Bron is available too…just kidding.