Dear People Who Makes Decisions, Fuck You

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Regardless of which side of politics you land on, chances are that if you’re reading this you’re probably in favor of legalizing sports betting in Minnesota. And if not? That’s ok. But don’t let the rest of us suffer and miss out on one of the best American past times. Your Dad bet on sports, your Dad’s Dad bet on sports, your Dad’s Dad’s Mom bet on sports and so on. WE THE PEOPLE BET ON SPORTS! It’s happening regardless of what our elected politicians decide. So dear people who make decisions, fuck you.

What The Hell Happened

A few weeks back there was a little bit of optimism at the Capitol in regards to legalizing sports betting in Minnesota with the house passing a bill that would allow sports betting at Tribal Casinos and on mobile apps. Sounds great! Head down to Mystic, play a little blackjack, have 13 beers and then place a couple wagers before heading home.

Just as the tweet says, great news! But even after the House passed that bill, the Senate was already against it before it even had a chance.

Once the bill finally made it to the Senate, they wanted to add that you could place wagers at horse tracks in addition to the Tribal Casinos and on mobile devices. Sounds great! Going to the track to bet on some fillies, play a little blackjack, have 13 beers and then makes some sports bets before heading home. Sounds great!

But no…everyone who makes decisions has their own allegiances and priorities without keeping the average Minnesotan in mind at all.

Once I saw this tweet I knew the dream was dead. One side wants just Tribal Casinos, and the other side wants Tribal Casinos and Racetracks. Hey losers, WE DON’T FUCKING CARE! I know you do, but all I wanna do is go bet on some silly parlays and have a little fun!

Dear people who make decisions, fuck you. Why does Minnesota always have to be last? Remember the Sunday beer thing? That was SUCH a big deal and now you don’t hear about it because…NO ONE CARES!

If you want a sixer on a Sunday, go ahead and go get it big guy. Just like I should be able to parlay the Twins to win the World Series, with the over in the Mavs/Warriors game 4, with who takes the crown in the premier darts league? I mean, hell! That’s a lock!

Just Silly

At the end of the day, it ain’t happening here in Minnesota. At least not this year. I thank all the politicians who tried to make this work, and I think there was a group from both sides that didn’t care who and where you could place your wagers. They honestly just wanted to do what was best for Minnesota and the average degenerate gambler like myself.

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