Dear Twins, Give Me My Cutout or Give Me My $80 Back!

MLB Twins

The date is November 10th, 2020. The Major League Baseball season has been over for nearly two weeks. The Minnesota Twins haven’t played a game in nearly a month and a half. Yet here we are, still waiting for the Twins to tell fans whether they get their fan cutouts or not.

If you don’t remember, the Twins did what many major professional sports teams are doing during a pandemic. Creating a fake crowd out of cutouts. Purchased by the fans to generate much needed revenue and also providing a connection to the fan experience that coronavirus has stolen.

Yet after a month and a half, the Twins have been vague on how they are moving forward with the process. Only issuing a single statement on their Fan Cutout subpage on their website.

This has been the Twins’ statement since the end of the season on September 30th.

Forget that myself and hundreds of others spent $80 on the keepsake. The Twins figured they could get away with just issuing a single statement buried on their website.

Not via their official Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Nope. Instead, whomever runs their marketing department figured hiding the statement and not updating it week after week would suffice.

Sports Bureaucracy at it’s Finest

Now look, I get it. I have worked six years in the collegiate and professional sports organization world and it can be full of bureaucracy. It’s a huge reason I left, actually. But taking down cardboard cutouts and ensuring they get to their rightful buyers after a month and a half? That is peculiar.

While there are still jobs to be done getting ready for a potential return of fans in 2021, why not focus on finishing up cleaning 2020? How hard is it to take them down and disperse some decent messaging?

Apparently, it is extremely hard and I am not a happy camper.

So this is for any Twins employee reading this. Either give me my cutout or give me my $80 back. I am sick of the half-assed COVID excuses. COVID is NOT the reason you are not getting them back. You are just being lazy because apparently you ARE giving them back. You just have to volunteer for the greater good.

While that is never a bad thing, I still paid $80 assuming I would get it back without no strings attached.

Hell, I even heard a rumor from my fellow 10k Takes guys that some were being thrown away. Like hell they are!

If we do not receive an actual response in the coming days, I say we storm the gates of Target Field and take back what is rightfully ours!