Dear Vikings Twitter Calm The Fuck Down!

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Ladies and Gentlemen football is finally back. As most people know the Vikings are 0-2 in the preseason and have looked like hot trash. Granted our starters haven’t played much but we haven’t even scored a fucking offensive touchdown in 8 quarters. This is pathetic and is going to be another wasted season!

Now that I have brought you through the thought process of the cesspool that is “Vikings Twitter” let’s do some rational thinking for once. First of all its fucking preseason for a reason. This is where players are getting their feet wet and going through the motions. This is also where players are trying to make the roster. Both of these factors will always mean unwatchable football.

How about this fucking clown who just loves to shit on Kirk Cousins. Bro, it is preseason give it a fucking rest, also not pictured is the defender to the right waiting to turn Chad Beebe into a homicide victim. Then again I would expect nothing less from this absolute fraud.

I honestly don’t even know what to say… I get the Vikings kicking situation has been a fucking nightmare lately and we have been through absolute hell as fans. Sure Greg Joseph missed a 51 yard field goal but that doesn’t mean he sucks and it also does not mean we should hate him. I wonder what this guy thought when Joseph nailed a 49 yarder later in the game.

The last one is my favorite. This guy with his shirtless gym avi and his hot sports takes. There is no need to worry about Klint Kubiak’s play calling because once again it’s PRESEASON. I mean come on, NFL teams maybe use 20% of their playbook in the preseason. Mr. Zach Schultz is obviously not satisfied and expects the Vikings to run the Flea Flicker every play. STFU ZACH

Listen what I’m trying to say here is everyone needs to calm the fuck down about preseason football. I love the Vikings just as much as anyone, but August football does not mean shit. Everyone needs to cheer up and be positive! Also, do me a favor and be like our very own B Heintz