Defensive Wizard and J.A. Happ Join Minnesota Twins

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J.A. Happ is a name I loved like… 5 years ago. Now I must deal with J.A. Happ being on the Twins 2021 roster. I’m much more excited for Andrelton Simmons to join the infield. Besides some minor league type names, Hansel Robles is the only other Major League deal (1 year prove it deal) the Twins have given out at this time. I’m expecting Nelson Cruz to have a deal announced before Spring Training. So far, my Offseason Primer hasn’t exactly panned out, but that’s why I said don’t be surprised if none of it happened. But if Minnesota goes cheap on the deal, I’ll probably have to deal with Mitch Moreland being our DH. I like Moreland for that option like… 5 years ago. Seeing a trend here?

The New Additons

Simmons is probably one of the best defenders in the game. His runs saved average have been off the charts. He does this while playing one of the most difficult positions, Short Stop. He can make the average plays, the important plays, and then the off the chart plays to get outs. He’s won plenty of Gold Gloves and even a Platinum Glove. Simmons hitting can be below league average or right at average too. I’m sure Twins Territory would be okay with a .250 average if he can get the outs Polanco couldn’t.

I suppose we better take a quick look at our new #5 starting pitcher, J.A. Happ. Happ is a lefty with a fastball, sinker, curveball, and change up. He will mix up his pitch selection often and let’s pray he can keep the ball inside the park this year as bombas homers can be an issue. He should be solid for the end of the rotation but if this is the only rotation signing we make, all of Twins Territory should be disappointed.


Rumor is Luis Arraez will become the super utility player with Jorge Polanco at second and Simmons at short. With a hopefully healthy Donaldson at 3rd the infield should be much improved over last year. Lavelle E. Neal also reported the Twins could listen to offers on Arraez. It would be awesome to acquire a quality starting pitcher under the age of 30, but I’d rather do it in other ways. Yes, we have a million short stop/2nd base prospects in the minors. I’m just worried if we ship out Arraez we will regret it. I don’t want the second coming of David Ortiz to happen.

What These Moves Mean

Hopefully these moves can sure up the infield defense. Between the new guys and Donaldson, we’ve shored up the left side of our infield from one of the league’s worst to, hopefully, one of the best. I’d like to see the Twins in top 5 with fielding percentage. Hopefully Happ can be a veteran in the rotation to help the younger players along. Arraez deserves everyday time so it will remain to be seen how Rocco will manage this team. As of right now these moves could win us a playoff game but probably not a playoff series. Then again PA and I thought Mike Fiers would be a Twin by now too.