Max Kepler needs to be traded or DFA'd

Kepler has “Max’d” out his Time as a Twin

Max Kepler needs to be traded or DFA'd
It’s time to move on from Kepler!

For some god forsaken reason, Max Kepler is still on the Minnesota Twins.

I’m ready to move on from him. I have been ready for a few seasons now.

Kepler’s Regression  

Like many players on that Twins team at the time, 2019 was a career year for Kepler. He had posted career highs in homeruns (36), RBI (90) and batting average (.252). You may recall that the 2019 season was shrouded in darkness from the different types of balls used to generate more homeruns. But even with those being removed, one wouldn’t think that this would cause such a dramatic fall off. 

As a player enters their prime, you can expect more of the same for several years in a row. Kepler has done exactly the opposite. Obviously pitchers have him figured out.

The regression is puzzling and what is even more puzzling is Rocco Baldelli continues to throw him out there every game. However, there does appear to be some turmoil now. Kepler ran the bases like a jackass and Rocco, as any manager would, called him out on it.

We’ll see where this leads us…

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Hurting the club more than helping

Kepler is hurting this team more than helping.

The guy can play a mean outfield, and knows that right field wall better than anyone currently on the Twins roster. But for a Twins lineup that could definitely use some more offense, Kepler is as bad as the rest of them.

The guy couldn’t hit an ox in the ass with a banjo! (maybe a little much since he’s hitting the ball, just not well)

He’s hitting .192 WITH the elimination of the lefty pull shift. If it weren’t for that, he may be hitting in the low .180’s! I wrote a blog prior to the start of the MLB season saying that the shift could possibly help Kepler, but boy was I wrong. I’ll own that. Kepler’s #1 issue is simple: he can’t get it up (the ball that is). 

The weak contact Kepler is constantly producing results in a groundout just about every single at bat. He’ll occasionally run into one and hit a home run, but these numbers are just… awful. No other way to put it. 

Who will replace Kepler

While most fans want rising star Matt Wallner, I urge caution with that.

ELITE Twins mind, Brandon Warne

Warne is absolutely correct. Wallner is nowhere near a good defensively and I don’t even want to think about another Miguel Sano right now. I’m still recovering from the first one.

Maybe we can give Trevor Larnach another go at it. Joey Gallo will remain at 1B or at DH typically, but I would not be against putting him out there once he feels recovered from his hamstring issue. Honestly, as long as the fucker can hit the baseball and play average defense, I don’t care. Anything other than Kepler is good right now.

I truly doubt we’d go out and trade for a bat with what we have in our farm system right now, but who knows with this club.