Did Creed Just Save the Vikings Season?


I fucking love this. Nothing gets the juices flowing more than Creed. The Vikings needed a spark for their season and Scott Stapp is happy to oblige.

Kirk is the perfect guy to head this up too. He’s famously been a huge Creed guy for years now.

Absolute veteran move to slowly introduce the locker room to the band too. Can’t just dive in right away with a full Creed album. That will get your aux privileges revoked quick, even if you are the QB. You can tell Kirk has learned his lesson with this a few times before.

Kirk Knows What’s Up

Kirk knows you have to start with “Higher” then ramp it up from there. Nobody can hate it, the ultimate crowd pleaser. The gateway drug of Creed songs. Maybe this week you throw in a little “My Sacrifice”, then you slide “With Arms Wide Open” in there a few times here and there. Before they even realize it, you’ll have the locker room head-banging to deep cuts and we’ll be 10-5 with a chance to win the North.

The effect of Creed on struggling sports team cannot go unnoticed here. The Rangers have only been listening to Creed for a few weeks now and they’re 2 wins away from the fucking World Series. If the Vikings keep this up, they can only grow stronger week after week. The Super Bowl is back on.

I can’t wait for the videos of JJ griddying to One Last Breath in the locker room after a big win in December. Fuck Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. Give me shots of Scott Stapp watching Kirk and the Vikings from a suite with Julie Cousins ASAP.

If the Wilfs had any common sense, they’d pick up the phone and get Creed booked for Monday night’s halftime show NOW.

If it worked for Texas, why can’t it work for us? (because we’re Minnesota and are destined for an eternity in sports hell).