Did Drake Just End The Minnesota Curse?

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He’s done it. He’s finally done it. After countless years of patiently waiting for Drake to rep a Minnesota sports team, an Instagram video drops of him sporting a Gophers jacket. I know some may think this is a bad thing for the Gophers since Drake wearing a team’s colors has typically been the mark of death for the last decade, but this could not be better news for Gophers fans and Minnesota sports as a whole. Drake may have just ended the Minnesota curse.

As a quick refresher for those unfamiliar with Drake’s power, here’s a few examples just within the last few weeks where he’s worn a team’s logo moments before disaster.

I mean, the man even cursed Shohei Ohtani’s free agency. We’ve seen some bad curses out of Drake the past 15+ years, but we may be witnessing the peak of his game right now. It’s like getting to watch ’96 Jordan put up 40 every night. We truly haven’t seen a stretch of curses like this since the Culpepper Madden cover days.

Why is this good news for Minnesota?

Because we’re already cursed. We have been forever and until this moment it seemed like we would be for the rest of our lives.

Maybe a second curse is exactly what we needed. You can’t kill what’s already dead. I’m a full believer that whatever mystical power Drake is hiding underneath his questionable new hairstyle might actually have an opposite affect on the Gophers. The old fashioned Uno reverse play.

Two negatives equal a positive, so it’s quite possible the newly provided Drake curse will offset the one Minnesota has been plagued with for the last 30+ years.

Full disclosure, I’m not entirely sure how curses work. I just know that I am terrified of them. But we’ve got to do something to spin this in a positive way. Otherwise, if the Drake curse just adds too what we already have, we are royally fucked. This might be our last hope. Y’know, besides our shiny new QB.