Different Year Same Story

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It is a completely different year, a completely different and more talented team but unfortunately nothing has changed. You wouldn’t even know this team had high aspirations.

After 3 straight losses things are looking very grim. The team has been injured but regardless it is hard to have hope and be positive about the rest of the year. The worst part is we can’t even tank because we don’t have our pick. That begs the question, where do we go from here?


There hasn’t been many positives but we will try to find some and discuss them.


Ant has been very good but really hasn’t taken that leap we all expected. Regardless of that he has been a rare bright spot. Knowing he is only 21 and the future of the franchise is enough to make it the main bright spot.


Since Kat went out D’Lo has been a lot better and has started scoring a lot more. He said that early in the year he was looking too much to be a classic PG and wasn’t playing how he usually does. It was evident when Kat went out how much more he was looking for his shot and all of a sudden he was looking like the D’Lo we all expect. Here are some of his recent numbers.

If the Wolves want to turn this around when D’Lo gets back he has to continue to be aggressive and keep playing at this level. We need to hope that happens or things may get even worse.

I was going to include Gobert because he has been playing well but including him in this feels wrong considering we are in Hell because of the trade for him, sorry Rudy.


Sadly there has been a lot more negatives and things going wrong this year. Lets highlight them.


The season has been a disappointment and there is no excuses but that still hasn’t change the fact we have dealt with a lot of injuries. Little Jmac, Prince, Kat and most recently D’Lo being hurt hasn’t helped at all that is for sure. It is hard to really fully evaluate this team without us being healthy but it has still been much worse than it should be. Hopefully when we get healthy we can go on a run and give us some hope otherwise it will only get darker.


In any other year we would be calling for us to tank, which honestly I could get behind because of Victor Wembanyama who is a generational prospect. Sadly the Wolves don’t have their pick so there is no reason to tank, all we can do is pray we turn this around or it will be even more painful because they will gift the Jazz a decent pick.

So where do we go from here? The answer to that is as good as mine, who the fuck knows. My faith and hope is at an all time low. I am almost ready to pack my bag and move on from this shit show from the time being. Unfortunately I care too much and love the squad no matter what, stupid I know. So I will be here but won’t be making much noise. Maybe in a few weeks things will look better and we can talk positively but I am not putting much stake in that being the case.

To all the diehard fans out there, you aren’t alone. We will overcome this Wolves Nation!