Disappointment makes us stronger

Disappointment Makes Us Stronger

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With the MLB regular season finishing, it’s finally time to share my biggest disappointment in the 2022 season. Since nearly all of us are Twins fans, it’s safe to say disappointment is around so often that it has its own spot at the dinner table. Most of us have a multi-decade snap streak with it, and it’s a mainstay in the family Christmas card. It’s really a part of who we are. All I need to say is the number 18, and we don’t need any more details than that. Fortunately, through all the darkness, moments of happiness do happen.

Byron Buxton’s Walk-Off Homers


Royce Lewis and Jose Miranda’s Debuts

Carlos Correa’s Signing

Luis Arraez’s Batting Title

As I wrote this, I realized three things. First, the Twins brought a lot of excitement to our lives over the summer. They got our heart rates up and took years off our lives, but entertainment is entertainment. Not one of us can complain about that. Secondly, it’s hard to have disappointment when there were no expectations. Not one of us knew what to imagine going into the season, and the Twins gave us pretty good run. Lastly, I love this team and no matter what they do, I’ll always be proud. They could lose 99 straight playoff games, and you better believe I’ll be sitting in left field every April, wrapped in a parka, and thinking, ”yep, this is our year.” “If not the Twins, what’s your biggest disappointment of the season then?” I thought you’d never ask.

Disappointment Doesn’t Stop With The Twins

Let’s rewind the clocks to a dark and heinous September 9th night at the end of the 2022 season. The Colorado Rockies played host to the Arizona Diamondbacks in a match of two teams waiting to trade in their baseball bats for golf clubs. Instead of taking the over in a meaningless game like a normal person, I obviously decided to wait until I could get the under at 22.5 late in the game. No two teams can score than many runs? Right? The bet looked beautiful in the bottom of the 9th. The score read 10-10, and I had 2 full runs to play with. There were 2 outs, and I was ready to get into extras where a base hit would likely end it 11-10 in the favor of who cares. Not even a little bit of sweat could be seen on my forehead.

Then Arizona decided to get a little cute and walk a batter. I’m still not worried, in fact, I’m thinking ”maybe a little two-out knock could end it right here. Heck, they could get a homer, and the under would still hit.” Then the next batter ropes a single to center, which moves the runner all the way to 3rd. Oh baby. All we need is a single, and were out of here with a winner…

Bad beats happen to everyone. I had to take my turn as well. Great swing by Diaz, I hope it earned him a roster spot next year. Now, I know you all must be thinking I’m pretty soft for saying the biggest disappointment of the season was losing an under on a walk-off-3-run homer when a single would’ve won the Rockies the game. Don’t worry, there’s more.

“Another One” – DJ Khaled — Me

A mere 5 days later, I’d finally stopped licking my wounds. I was ready to get back out there, and in what better way than trying my luck at another Arizona Diamondback’s under. This time, Arizona was battling the Dodgers at home in a low-scoring contest. I had the under at 7 and it was a 2-2 ballgame going into the top of the 10th. No runs had scored since the 4th, and I was ready for the Dodgers to end this thing quick. They did exactly that by knocking in the automatic runner on second. I’m thinking done deal. The best team in baseball just took a 1-run lead moving into the bottom. One walk and two outs later, I’m jumping in joy at the thoughts of my easy win.

Yes. 5 days and not one, but two 3-run, 2-out walk-off homers to hit the overs. Now that is disappointment at its purest form. So long 2022, it was not a pleasure.