Divisional Round Guide To A Perfect Weekend!

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The Divisional Round is here and us Vikings fans can finally move on with our life. If you missed last weekend I posted my preview for the Wild Card matchups, going 4-2 thanks to the flip of a coin in the MNF game. I’ll be the first to admit, I reached for the stars thinking the Hawks would beat the 49ers. My 2nd loss came @ the hands of our hometown Minnesota Vikings. It was truly a sad day and a bad day. That’s Minnesota sports for you, how long has it been since Minnesota Sports has hurt you?

Anyways, onto the teams who actually deserve to be playing in this divisional round games. It makes me wanna puke looking at the teams left in the NFC. 3 NFC East teams? And the 49ers. I hope everyone is cheering for Brock Purdy and the 49ers, if you’re cheering for any of the other three teams, you truly are a scumbag.

The AFC is a completely different story. Any of the 4 teams remaining could advance to the Super Bowl and I would be satisfied. You first have Jacksonville @ Kansas City on Saturday after the Jags came back from 27-0 to beat the Chargers. You then have Cincinnati @ Buffalo who each played close Wild Card games of their own. First the Bills defeated the Dolphins by 4 squandering a 17-0 lead to just barely sneak past Skylar Thompson… RUFF. The Bengals also advanced thanks to a QB blunder that I’m sure every team is gonna be showing what NOT to do. I mean from up 7 to down 7 in the blink of an eye?

Sam Hubbard with the game-winning score to advance Bengals to the divisional round game.
Divisional Round Matchup

NFL Divisional Round

Saturday 3:30 (NBC)- Jaguars @ Chiefs (-8.5)

I know the Chiefs had the bye week to get healthy and prepare, but is any team riding momentum into the divisional round matchup more than this Jaguars team? #1 pick last year to 2-6 at the end of October. Since then, they are 8-2 including there 27-0 comeback last week against the Chargers. How can you not bet on this team to at least cover this weekend?

The only problem I have is I think the NFL will do everything in there power to make the Chiefs win this game. A neutral site matchup between the Bills & Chiefs would be a Super Bowl 2.0 for them. But then again… Trevor Lawrence is 37-0 on Saturday games lifetime. Surely he’s due to lose eventually… right?

A win this weekend would catapult Trevor Lawrence into elite territory already, but I think the Chiefs win with a late comeback, but the Jaguars will more importantly hold the spread.

Advancing To AFC Championship: Chiefs 27-24

Saturday 7:15 (Fox)- NY Giants @ Eagles (-7.5)

Fuck the Giants for beating the Vikings last weekend, but I’ll never ever be a big enough scumbag to cheer for the dirtbag Eagles. From a betting perspective, I absolutely hate this game. It’s one of those games I’ll bet more on the O/U because I just can’t cheer for the Eagles but can easily see them stomping the Giants this weekend. Last week I talked about how beating a team in your division three times is super tough to do. Well teams in that spot went 2-0 and sadly I think the trend will continue this weekend.

Kickers game, Hammer FG props… why? My gut instinct just told me that’s the answer for having to watch these two teams face off.

Advancing To NFC Championship: Eagles 23-16 (3 FGs Each Team, Giants 1TD, Eagles 2TD)

Sunday 2:00 (CBS)- Bengals @ Bills (-5.5)

The best game of the weekend kicks us off @ 2 PM Sunday between the Bengals and Chiefs. From a betting perspective, this might be the game that I absolutely nuke. Spread, O/U, Player Props, I’m betting it all. Anyways, this isn’t really a gambling blog this is more a prediction blog that also still ties in gambling. As long as you bet responsibly, why wouldn’t you be betting on these games? 7 Football games left before you’re waiting for the XFL and USFL to start, you degenerates. Take advantage of it.

We all know what happened when these two teams faced off in their important game in week 17. The Bengals got screwed the most outta the situation because of the coin flip situation and lost the power of securing the 1 or 2 seed without help. Like I said in the Chiefs game, I think the Bills win this game for sure. The storyline, the game last year, and then of course Super Bowl 2.0 In Mercedes Bank Stadium.

But in all seriousness how the fuck are the Bills nearly 6 points favorites over this Bengals team? The Bengals started the year 0-2 and were 2-3 after 5 games. Including there win last weekend they are now 13-4 which makes them 11-1 over there last 12 games(9 game win streak). Yet again the Bills are on a 8 game win streak themselves.

Going against everything I said above, I am strongly considering pulling a Big Cat and making this Bills game my GOTY. I figured the spread would be around -2.5/-3 but there’s a reason Vegas always has its lights on. I’m nuking the Bills -5.5. When something doesn’t make sense betting there’s a reason for that. My guess is Damar Hamlin walks out before the game and the rest is going to be history.

Advancing To AFC Championship: Bills 34-14

Sunday 5:30 (FOX)- Cowboys @ 49ers (-4)

Another game that gets cloudy because of how much I hate the Cowboys. The worst part about this is I can completely picture a Cowboys vs. Eagles NFC Championship Game. Another cash cow game potential for the NFL, but yet again the 49ers @ Eagles would also generate huge numbers. I still am on the train that Purdy will have a game where the turnovers haunt him eventually and this Cowboys defense is no stranger to big-time defensive plays. The 49ers have so many weapons that it will take a defenses best day to stop them. Just like last week I’m relying on the flip of the coin to predict this Cowboys game. The coin doesn’t lie.

49ers Heads, Cowboys Tails.

  1. Heads
  2. Tails
  3. Heads
  4. Heads
  5. Heads

4-1 in favor of the 49ers. Last week the coin successfully predicted the Bucs/Cowboys game and hopefully this week is no different.

Advancing To NFC Championship: 49ers 27-20

It should be a great weekend of stress-free football for us Vikings fans! Will we successfully predict all 4 of these games? Will all 4 home teams win like my predictions? All we can do is hope but 3-1 with the Eagles losing wouldn’t be a bad way to spend my divisional round weekend.