Do you drink coffee?


Starbucks coffee is all the rage. Everyone getting their fancy drinks with a bunch of bullshit in them. Real coffee is black coffee with AT MOST a little cream and a little sugar. Let’s discuss 

Okay before I piss everyone off, I’m mainly referring to these drinks below.  Drinks with little to no coffee and all the stereotypical “white girls” like. I don’t mean that in a bad way but you know what I mean. 

What isn’t being a coffee drinker

I like those drinks, they are delicious, but that isn’t coffee, it’s dessert! Do not dare say you are a coffee drinker if that’s your go-to and you don’t enjoy regular old black coffee at least a little bit. If you despise black coffee you do not like coffee. Simple as that. 

What classifies a coffee drinker?

As stated earlier, real coffee drinkers meet the following criteria:

  1. Your go-to coffee drink is litterally coffee, not some sort of fancy dessert
  2. You actually ENJOY the taste of coffee and don’t use a bunch of sugar and creame to mask it

This is just my opinion. I absolutely love those dessert drinks too, but if you only like those or if you need 18 packets of sugar and 3 cups of cream to choke down a coffee, then you just aren’t a real coffee drinker.

Feel free to shred me if ya disagree, it’s okay. If you are on my side, you get it. At the end of the day, you can enjoy whatever you please. This is just one of those things I had to get off of my chest. Love y’all coffee drinkers.