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Do You Want to Meet Wild GM, Bill Guerin?

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The Minnesota Wild are officially BACK for the regular season this Thursday. I (along with everyone else at 10,000 Takes) couldn’t be happier we made it back to regular-season hockey. As if the timing of our ticket pack wasn’t perfect enough, Minnesota Wild General Manager, Bill Guerin pulled a few of our heartstrings when he told Marco Rossi and Caleb Addison they made the 2022-23 Team:

Not only has Billy G done an A+ job at building this roster despite some tricky cap challenges, but you can tell he’s just a genuinely good dude who cares about his players and this organization. The fact that he drops an f-bomb 15 seconds into the video further proves the authenticity of this moment because there’s no way that was written into the script.

If you agree with everything above, you should tell Billy G yourself. Because we partnered with the Minnesota Wild to give you the opportunity. On Monday, October 17th you can buy a 10K Wild ticket that includes:

  1. A Ticket to the game against the Colorado Avalanche
  2. The opportunity to meet Minnesota Wild GM, Bill Guerin
  3. An autograph and picture with Minnesota Wild GM, Bill Guerin
  4. An opportunity to hear Minnesota Wild GM, Bill Guerin give a quick speech about this year’s team

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