Doc Emrick Needs to Call the Boys’ State Hockey Tournament


Hockey will never be the same without Doc Emrick making the call. His consistent play calling, robust vocabulary, and sensual voice was always an out-of-body experience. So when he announced last October that he was retiring, the world became a sadder place than it already is.

Yet this doesn’t have to be the end of the road for Doc.

No. Instead, the Minnesota State High School League should go knocking on his door. Bringing the legendary announcer out of retirement to announce the greatest sporting event known to man:

The Minnesota Boys’ State Hockey Tournament

Since we don’t know when the next tournament will host fans and have the atmosphere we have grown to love, this pairing makes perfect sense.

Hell, it wasn’t that long ago that the MSHSL and Channel 45 reached out to former NHL and MLB announcer Gary Thorne to announce the 2014 tournament. So we know the league is willing to reach out to legendary non-Minnesotans to call games. It is even ironic that Thorne was replaced by Emrick back in 1993 as the New Jersey Devils’ announcer.


As mentioned, the league has shown an interest in going outside their normal realm of Minnesotan announcers for the most prestigious tournament in the region. Yet the Minnesota Boys’ Hockey forums think Emrick’s non-Minnesotan heritage is an issue. Even going as far as calling Emrick, “an overpaid announcer.”

Not the smartest or kindest of words against one of the most successful announcers of our time. He has called 22 Stanley Cup Finals, won 8 sports Emmys, and was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2008 for starters. The man has the resume that any aspiring sports broadcaster or even athlete would envy.

So why would it matter whether he was a native of Minnesota or not?

Hint: It doesn’t.


Needless to say, Emrick would be the creme-de-la-creme of gets for the MSHSL and Channel 45. If Gary Thorne was a huge get, imagine the buzz around Emrick.

His iconic voice announcing game-winning goals and huge celebrations would be amazing. Otherworldly for that matter. Emrick’s call would go down as one of the most iconic tournaments in the tournament’s lengthy and robust history. Pairing perfectly with traditions such as student sections, bands, and even the All Hockey Hair Team.

Emrick would be the perfect fit for the next full-fledged tournament. Imagine him calling a Moorhead upset of St. Thomas or his call of a game-winning goal from Edina (I am a Cake Eater, your boos mean nothing to me). It would be an encapsulation of all that makes the tournament, the sport, and this state great when it comes to hockey. Tradition, history, and being the best at something no other high school tournament can claim.

It is time for you to make the move, MSHSL.