Dogecoin: From Meme to the Moon!


With practically the entire world enveloped in the r/WallStreetBets, GameStop, AMC craziness, Dogecoin, a meme cryptocurrency going under the radar while gaining a ton of steam.

A cryptocurrency so obscure and stupid on its face, you just have to look into it. Right?


Now, I’m not a hedge fund manager or even a dabbler in the stock market. Yet there is something about Dogecoin (ticker: $DOGE) that is special. Something harmless, frivolous, and fun. While also potentially making some cash on the side.

When I heard $DOGE was trading for less than .05¢, I knew I had to jump in. A cryptocurrency that’s pennies on the dollar based on a meme? Sign me up!


Down the Doge Hole

Away I went. Swept into a world of endlessly happy Shiba Inus frolicking alongside my fellow Dogecoin enthusiasts. While you may be thinking, how the fuck would make money, it’s possible. 

With $DOGE holding steady around .05¢, enough people seem to be jumping on the $DOGE Train. Seeking to push the crypto to a minimum of .50¢.

The ultimate goal: $1.

Imagine. Making money on a ridiculously cheap and stupid currency. It doesn’t get much better. Again, that doesn’t seem like a lot and I’m not here to explain the process, as I would fail, but the money making opportunity is there. Hell, even Elon Musk is a fan of it. With the currency seeing a spike after Daddy Elon simply tweeted “doge”.

However, some people don’t seem all that thrilled with the prospect of $DOGE taking away attention from GameStop, AMC, and others. Sure, it would be fun to get in on the action with those stocks and hold the line. But when you’re scraping by paycheck to paycheck, some investments aren’t necessarily feasible. Especially when considering the incredibly volatile current nature of those stocks. 

Let us peasants have some fun with our $70. Not everyone even gets to be on the level of the Wall Street Bet guys. Yes, $DOGE has practically limitless shares, but it’s a helluva a fun time.

The $DOGE Train is about to leave the station. Will you join me in pushing it to $1 and taking our profits to Taco Bell for a diarrhea-inducing feast? Or will you sulk to the shadows like a sad Shiba Inu with its tail between its legs?