Ranking Dogs: King of Mans Best Friend

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Dogs are the greatest creature on Earth. They are the most kind and selfless animal on this planet. That’s why they’re known as mans best friend. Loyal, loving, and happy are the most common ways to describe a dog. So who’s the A1 of all dogs?

10. Marley

Marley would absolutely be higher on this list if he didn’t pass away at the end and put us all through a roller coaster of emotions. (Spoiler alert). While watching it feels like we are a part of Marley’s life and we grow with him too. If this movie doesn’t rip your heart out then you aren’t a real human.

9. Underdogs

Everybody loves a team that defies the odds and ends up beating a superior opponent. They are always fun to root for and end up being a great story.

8. Doug

Doug is a newer dog in films and if you haven’t seen the Movie UP yet then you might not know who he is. But he’s a fun loving dog that has a very technologically advanced collar that helps him talk. What’s cooler than that?

7. Swagger jr.

Yes I am talking about the Cleveland Browns live mascot. Since taking over for his father in week 10 in 2019, Swagger jr. has a record of 18-11. That’s 7 games over .500 for an organization that’s been a dumpster fire since the turn of the century. I credit Swagger jr. for the turnaround.

6. Blue

I’m pretty sure we all saw the viral video that Steve from Blue’s Clues put out a month ago

At the time we didn’t know we needed closure from Steve and Blue’s Clues but we did and I’m glad we got it. Blue was an above average detective but a part of a great childhood tv show.

5. Clifford

First of all, Clifford is an absolute unit. After some research I found out he stands at 25 feet tall. But he’s a gentle giant. He always helps out and looks out for his owner Emily Elizabeth. Clifford is always around to have fun and explore. The Clifford books and tv show were great.

4. Air Bud

This may be controversial for how low he is but it’s not a knock on him, there are just some better options ahead of him. Air Bud is a freak athlete who competes in 5 different sports (baseball, basketball, football, soccer, volleyball). I mean the dog can dunk like MJ, run routes like Adam Thielen, swing it like Willie Mays, bend it like Beckham, and spike it like (insert good volleyball player here). Absolute stud.

3. Snoopy

Another Dog that could easily be higher on this list, Snoopy is pure awesome sauce. He has a lot of range from “Joe Cool” to being a pilot, to being a loyal and funny dog. He even had an amusement park named after him in (and still should but that’s for another time). Snoopy is a certified ELITE dog.

2. Your dog/childhood dog

No dog will ever compare to your dog right now or the pup you grew up with. They are a part of your family. Dogs aren’t on this Earth as long as we are and they wake up everyday and love us unconditionally. Stop what you’re doing and go give your dog a boop on the nose. ❤️

1. Scooby Doo

The only dog to beat out your own dog. Scooby is an absolute stud. Scooby not only can talk and is very funny but he also solves a ton of crimes. From the Creeper, to Vampires, to ghosts, Scooby has helped catch them all and foil a lot of evil plots.

I’m sure a lot of people will be upset with the list cause I left one of their favorite dogs off. (Beethoven? Hercules from Sandlot? Brian from Family Guy? Snoop dogg? Spot from Target? Toto from the Wizard of Oz?) but it is what it is. The internet can be a crappy place sometimes, but one way to make it a better place is if you reply with your dog. Dogs are the best. Let’s see those pup pictures!