Don’t Be A Scumbag


It’s amazing that this has to be said at all. But, don’t be a scumbag. Especially when it comes to your team losing. Every fan base has them and there is almost no way to get rid of them but just lose like a gentleman, and DONT BE A SCUMBAG!

I say this because there is yet another example of a fan base being scumbags and racist towards a member of the opposing team. Nazem Kadri and his family have been attacked on social media all because of a game and how Nazem plays it. Admittedly he does have a history of bad hits and suspensions. The difference is all of that is within the game and doesn’t speak about who he is as a person off the ice.

There are only a few things that I hate about sports. When an issue like this comes up and the response is immediately “typical Blues fans” or “typical Rangers fans”. Every organization has a number of supporters who cross the line, but DO NOT speak for the views of the majority of the fans. I’d like to think that most Blues fans in this case are good, clean fans of the game. Let’s not just assume that all fans are like this. We should also take into account that this is a real issue that needs to be fixed.

Are these bad and late hits? Absolutely! But at no point should the response to this be racist attacks on him and his family. We have to learn how to separate our feelings from the game. Once this whistle blows and the game is over he is a normal dude like everyone else. If you disagree with his playing style criticize that. When doing that leave his race, ethnicity, and especially his family out of it.