Don’t let me get hot

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After a shaky week 2 I started to get hot in week 3. I attribute it to Hurricane Sam hitting our soil.

So after a very respectable 9-6 week against the spread let’s get HOT 🔥.

Panthers +4.5 @ Cowboys -4.5

My pick: Cowboys

Confidence level: B

No CMC worries me that Carolina won’t be able to keep up with the red hot and dynamic Cowboys offense.

Browns -2 @ Vikings +2

My Pick: The Vikings +2

Confidence level: B-

I think this is a true coin flip game and with coin flip games I tend to lean to whoever had + odds or who’s home. In this case, Skol!

Lions +3 @ Bears -3

My Pick: Bears

Confidence level: C-

The bears are more talented and at home. The Lions play a lot harder and are better coached. Don’t love this one but the Bears defense is a difference-maker.

Texans +17.5 @ Bills -17.5

My pick: Texans

Confidence level: C

17.5 is sooo many points. The Texans are down Tyrod and it’s in Buffalo. (Davis) Mills Mafia?

Colts +2 @ Dolphins -2

My pick: Colts

Confidence Level: B

The QB revenge game we are all anticipating, Jacoby v.s. The Colts! Both these teams kinda stink.

Chiefs -7 @ Eagles +7

My pick: Eagles

Confidence level: B-

I am taking a break from betting the Chiefs. They’ve done nothing but screw me all year.

Titans -6 @ Jets +6

My pick: Titans

Confidence level: A-

The Jets are really really really bad. The Titans are down AJ Brown and Julio but I don’t care. Derrick Henry should take care of business.

Football Team -1.5 @ Falcons +1.5

My Pick: Football Team

Confidence level: A

Chase Young said to let him know if anyone is bullshittin’. I’m not messing with Chase Young.

Giants +7.5 @ Saints -7.5

My pick: Saints

Confidence level: B+

The Saints are back in the Superdome. That’s all you need to know.

Cardinals +4.5 @ Rams -4.5

My pick: Rams

Confidence level: B

The Rams are a more complete team and it’s in LA. McVay has also never lost to the Cardinals.

Seahawks +2.5 @ 49ers -2.5

My pick: 49ers

Confidence Level: B-

The Seahawks defense is bad, their offense can’t score in the second half, the game is in Santa Clara. Niners should be able to win and cover.

Ravens -1 @ Broncos +1

My pick: Ravens

Confidence level: B+

The Ravens are banged up and have to go to Denver and the thin air. But I’m not sold on the Broncos yet. Their wins this year are against the Giants, Jets, and Jaguars.

Steelers +7 @ Packers -7

My pick: Packers

Confidence level: B+

The packers are a good team and even better at home. The Steelers are an okay team but I’m not a believer in Big Ben at this point of his career. 7 is a high spread but I think the Pack can cover.

Bucs -7 @ Patriots +7

My pick: Bucs

Confidence level: A

Don’t overthink this one. Tom Brady will play like his hairs on fair. The Bucs have a way better offense and a better defense. I’m surprised this line isn’t closer to 10.

Raiders +3 @ Chargers -3

My pick: Chargers

Confidence level: B+

I think the Chargers are a damn good team and I think the Raiders will come down to reality soon. Love the Chargers for MNF.

Plohasz Parlay

So we are 0-3 to start the year. It’s a bullshit 0-3 start though. I don’t know why or how it’s bullshit but it just is. time to put a digit in the left column this week. We are going big cause scared money don’t make money

(All moneylines)








This gets you +579. With a win, we are nearly up 3 units on the season. Let’s have one helluva Sunday and let’s get hot. Before I go, I’d like to say congrats to follower and good friend Alex Wilkey on getting married Saturday! (104).

Record ATS: 24-21

Plohasz Parlay: 0-3

Having fun: 3-0