Don’t Panic Wild Fans! I have a plan!

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I like to think of myself as an even keeled kind of sports fan. Never too high and never too low. Thankfully, I cheer for Minnesota Sports franchises so I can never truly experience a natural high, but I also rarely achieve the lowest of lows. The Minnesota Wild have been absolutely atrocious through 3 games and that coupled with the video attached below has me thinking, would finishing last truly be that terrible?

Imagine the Xcel Energy Center next October, a starting line of Kaprizov, Bedard and Zuccarello. That would be absolutely nasty. Bedard is easily the best prospect since McDavid. He combines elite level speed with a hall of fame like wrist shot. He is able to get so much power behind that shot its actually unbelievable.

I know people in this town are hesitant to quit on a season so early, but with impending Parise/Suter cap hell I wouldn’t mind a down season from Rossi and Boldy, (to sign them on cheap bridge deals) and also adding a franchise center in the draft.

If you are still unsure about this plan just watch the video below:

Now time for some realism, even if the Wild finished DFL they would somehow find a way to lose the NHL Draft Lottery and someone like Chicago will win it. So I have a backup plan. Keep drafting skilled Russians. This guy is being called the next Ovechkin.