Don’t Tell Anyone…I’m Excited For The Timberwolves

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Time To Shit Or Get Off The Pot

Timberwolves news: Alex Rodriguez to become co-owner of Minnesota

For the past couple year’s I always got myself into the same spot with the Wolves…I’m excited for the Timberwolves season to start the season…until the inevitable shitting of the bed.

This year does feel just a tad different though…and I’m fucking pumped about it.

With AROD buying the team and then firing Gerrson Rosas, I’ve got a feeling that this a pivotal year for the team. Especially if they’re going to stay in Minnesota. AROD keeps saying that they’re building something here and that they have no plans to move the team. Bitch Please. There’s no way him and his group would sink all that money into a franchise to let it sit and be what it’s been for the past decade or so. I’m saying we got a year or two tops before they seriously consider looking at cities to move these pups (cough, cough…Seattle).

In absolutely no way am I an elite basketball mind and not to say we haven’t said it before…but it seems like we got a decent core of guys to take this team to the next level.

My Take With Little Knowledge Of The Team

Timberwolves' First-Round Pick, No.7, Goes To Warriors – WCCO | CBS  Minnesota

KAT is obviously a superstar and I don’t know why he would want to stay here unless we take a step forward. And he probably won’t have to leave since if we suck they’re probably out of here anyway. D’Angelo Russell seems like a pretty awesome player with even better hair. Josh Okogie is good…I’ve definitely seen a couple of his dunks on Sports Center and it feels like he’s been on the team for awhile which could help build familiarity with other 12 first round picks on the team.

Then we have the man. ANTHONY FUCKING EDWARDS.

I could care less if he just chucked up half courters all the time. The Wolves must keep him on the team at all costs. His interviews alone are worth whatever money we’re paying this guy.

If you’re ever bored or just in need for a good laugh just look up Anthony Edwards interviews on YouTube. I ended up in a Anthony Edwards interview rabbit hole for about a half hour just now.

Putting his awesome personality and comedic abilities aside, he seems like a damn good ball player as well. I had no idea who he was when we drafted him but I’m pretty glad we did.

We Got This

After an Epic Game, the Timberwolves are Headed to the Playoffs -  Mpls.St.Paul Magazine

The last Timberwolves game I attended was back in 2018 when we played the Rockets in the playoffs. I saw the one game they won and it was ELECTRIC!

My personal favorite is when this puppy jumps on the big screen and you can howl like damn wild animal after a dozen Budweiser’s.

It honestly was one of the most fun sporting events I’ve been to and I hope that we can do it again this year. Not only to bring that electricity back to Target Center but to hopefully prevent them from getting the hell out of dodge.