Don’t Watch TV After Midnight

Everything Else

Man, I don’t get what it is with TV shows after Midnight…. but when you decide to press that power button after the day changes, you are in for a ride:

There should be a nationwide law that Broadcast Stations need to power down their towers after midnight and display a message that reads “Please switch to a streaming service or Pornhub”, because TV land is a dark place after 12:00 AM.

Not only do you find the cheesiest infomercials advertising the most useless products, but you find things like off-brand WWE wrestling. As comical as it is, I feel bad for anyone who fell asleep during the Gopher post-game show and woke up to this kind of shit. They probably thought they were having a drunken nightmare.

Time to switch the saying to “Nothing good airs after 12:00 AM”.

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