Dylan Wright is the next Gopher Superstar!

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Dylan Wright = Future 1st Rounder WR

If you aren’t familiar with Minnesota Gopher Football Redshirt Sophmore Dylan Wright, you will be soon. I’m convinced he will be a superstar for the Gophs and his credentials back it up. He is a former 5-star prospect from the powerhouse football state of Texas. He stands at 6’4″ and 215 pounds, and for a wide receiver that is insane. If you put it in comparison for an NFL wide receiver, the first one that stacks up height and weight wise is DK Metcalf who is 6’4 & 230 pounds. For some dumb reason, Texas A&M let him transfer and the Gophers immediately came calling. Oh, and his first TD for the Gophers was against one of the best teams in college football last year.

Tyler Johnson..Rashod Bateman..Dylan Wright?

No disrespect to CRAB (Chris Autumn-Bell) for leaving his name out of the title above. But since PJ Fleck has arrived on campus he’s done one thing extremely well: Recruit and Develop his Wide Receivers. Super Bowl Champion Tyler Johnson was already on the team when he arrived, but flourished under Kirk Ciarrocca’s offense. Eventually being drafted in the 5th round (should have been higher). Soon after, Rashod Bateman showed up and showed off for the Gopher Offense with his most notable game coming against #4 Penn State, where he scored a long touchdown almost immediately. Then he was drafted by the Ravens in the first round of last year’s draft. Now it’s Dylan Wright’s time! Now that we are out of Mike Sanford’s god-awful offense and back under the big-play offense that preceded him.

The Key to the Big Ten West Title

As Tanner Morgan reunites with his favorite Offensive Coordinator to bring back the magic of 2019, the Gophers bring back last year’s Heisman hopeful, Mo Ibrahim and return Mr. Consistent, Chris Autumn-Bell. The one thing that sent 2019 to the moon was the dynamic pair of Tyler Johnson & Rashod Bateman, a 1-2 punch that left cornerbacks with sore ankles after the game was over. If Dylan Wright can be consistent and healthy enough to stay on the field I truly believe he will be the one who sends the Gophers over the hump and into the Big Ten Championship game. The Size and Talent look to be there for the young Gophers wide receiver and all we are waiting for is results. Coming to an Endzone near you, Big Ten All-American Dylan Wright.