Energy Drinks: My Top 5

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Coffee STINKS! Hand me an energy drink.

As someone who can’t stand coffee, but craves the need for caffeine in the morning, the only solution is an energy drink. It’s better in almost every category over coffee. From being served cold to wake you up in the morning or mixing it with vodka on a night out. As someone who has had an energy drink almost every day for the last 8 years at least I’ve decided to give you my top 5 energy drinks.

5. Bang – Bangster Berry

Number 5

The Bang energy drinks are very hit and miss, some flavors have zero taste, while others end up tasting like chalk. Bangster Berry is the best of the best when it comes to Bang in my book. It’s got a quality flavor you can drink consistently without getting sick of it, and not feel terrible after drinking it with 0 zero sugars labeled on the can. And with 300 milligrams of caffeine to wake you up at work after a long weekend, it’s the best Bang for your buck.

4. NOS Energy Drink

Nos Energy Drinks

In comparison, NOS energy drink is Mountain Dew on steroids. With a citrus flavor and a cup of sugar in each can, NOS comes in at #4 solely because of the flavor difference between Bang and Nos. All around better tasting, but with less caffeine, it comes in as more of a causal drink instead of a get me out of bed and into work. A midday pick me up after a gas station lunch, NOS was built for people who are done with soda but are not ready to dive fully into energy drinks.

3. Full Throttle

Energy drink

This may get some hate, but Full Throttle is a severely slept-on energy drink. With top-tier citrus flavor while not making you feel full. Full Throttle would be even higher if it only had less sugar and was a consistent everyday beverage. Perfect for after lunch when you need to get going while not making you even more full after work. Give it a try before hating on it. You will not be disappointed.

2. Red Bull


Very well could be number one, but comes in at a very close 2nd. Red Bull is the one that everyone thinks of when you say energy drink. With multiple flavors that you can have at any point in the day depending on what you are doing, Red Bull is a signature go-to at the bar for 21 years old ordering one at bar close just to stay up and tell their friends how they almost brought a girl home if only she would have put the right number in their phone. With different sizes and flavors, Red Bull is perfect for young and old people and a solid no-brainer on a road trip.

1. White Monster- Zero Ultra


The Goat. White Monster is the greatest on the planet. One you can drink every single day, and not get sick of. It starts out with zero total sugars and a great flavor that stands above everything else. It’s perfect for a morning starter or an afternoon lunch, and it goes with everything with still being able to drink 2 on a rough day while not having your heart explode. I’ll argue it to the death that it is the best all-around energy drink on the market.