ESPN Hates the Minnesota Wild

NHL Wild

It’s not clickbait if it’s true… We have seen TWO TIMES in the last two games where ESPN delivers some inaccurate notifications about our beloved NHL team, the Minnesota Wild

Mark Johnson played for the Miracle team (close enough), but this team is far from a miracle, so a swing and a miss on this one ESPN
3 games in overtime would have been fun, but Gibson was an absolute brick wall on Monday night

Let’s just say this, I’ve been receiving these push notifications since I got my first iPod Touch and discovered adult websites. I receive updates for all of my favorite teams and I have NEVER seen them mess it up, let alone twice in 2 games.

(Tucker Carlson Voice) So this brings up a very important question… Does ESPN hate the Minnesota Wild? I know that hockey isn’t the most popular sport in America but if you are going to label yourselves as “The Worldwide Leader in Sports”, at least look at the fucking scoreboard before you send an alert out to the entire fanbase:

Via the Minnesota Rundown, listen anywhere –>

I know that ESPN doesn’t prefer to cover hockey, but at least pretend like you care… After this story, we can now add another sentence to our company’s motto:

The only difference between 10K and ESPN is a couple billion dollars. Also, we can actually spell Marcus Johansson’s name right