Evander Kane Is A Fraud

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While I was scrolling through the Twitter machine today at work I saw that Evander Kane, A.K.A. the biggest douchebag in the NHL, has filed for bankruptcy. Couldn’t have happened to a better guy. Wait, apparently my sarcasm font isn’t working.

Imagine being a professional athlete making millions of dollars, and then piss it away on stupid shit. The man has made over $50,000,000 just in salary. Not counting any endorsement deals or anything else. If I get by working a normal job living paycheck to paycheck there is no reason that a professional athlete can’t.

So How Terrible Is Evander Kane?

Honestly, though, this is the perfect person for this to happen too. It might sound harsh but it’s true, fuck this guy. First, there’s the time Evander Kane offered his “side chick” $3 Million to have her 3rd fucking abortion, but then changed his mind after she decides to have a baby. Then there’s the time he was sued for assaulting a woman he met at a bar. Last but not least, Evander Kane was charged (but ultimately dismissed) for fighting a bouncer after the bouncer had the audacity to tell him to not choke a woman in a bar. Point being, Evander Kane is a humongous piece of shit.

I find it hilarious that this news comes after he tried to fight Jake Paul. Clearly, a fight with Jake Paul would have been nothing more than a hollow cash grab. Let’s be honest Jake Paul, would have fucking destroyed Kane. If there is one thing I want you to get out of this blog, it’s 3 words… FUCK EVANDER KANE.
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