Evander Kane Is Still A Fraud

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That douchebag Evander Kane is back in the news once again. You would think that when you’re talked about this much it’s bound to be positive at some point right? Well not for Kane lol, just wait until you hear what he did this time. But first, check out what I wrote about him just 9 short months ago.

Just to recap, Kane who has made over $62 MILLION throughout his playing career, filed for bankruptcy, but that’s not all:

First, there’s the time Evander Kane offered his “side chick” $3 Million to have her 3rd fucking abortion, but then changed his mind after she decides to have a baby. Then there’s the time he was sued for assaulting a woman he met at a bar. Last but not least, Evander Kane was charged (but ultimately dismissed) for fighting a bouncer after the bouncer had the audacity to tell him to not choke a woman in a bar. Point being, Evander Kane is a humongous piece of shit.

From “Evander Kane Is A Fraud” by me, the golden haired king of St. Paul

Doesn’t that make you sick to your stomach? Like I said multiple times this dude is the worst.

So what did he do now?

Holy shit I’m pretty sure Kane might be fucked for good if this is true, given the NHL’s (and Canada’s) Covid requirements. Not only could he get suspended but he might face legal issues because that is illegal as fuck. I guess I really shouldn’t be surprised anymore. Honestly though how can the Sharks front office think they should employ this guy? He’s an okay player but even if he was a superstar I would kick him to the curb. I really can’t wait until the Wild play the Sharks and Foligno buries his face into the boards. I hope Kane gets his wish and my boy Jake Paul can fuck his face up.