Even Taylor Swift Can’t Stop This Wild Team


The chill wind whipping off the Mississippi might just be carrying the whispers of history. Our Minnesota Wild, currently riding a wave of momentum following tonight’s MONSTER win, find themselves perched on the precipice of something truly special. Yes, that’s right, the Wild are reaching something more special than Taylor Swift, her golden pipes, or mountain of Grammy awards. Could this be the season they etch their name into the record books with the longest winning streak in NHL history?

Let’s pump the brakes for a second. The Pittsburgh Penguins’ 17-game tear in 1993 stands tall as the mountain the Wild must climb. The Oilers fell just short of tying it this past week. But here’s why optimism flickers like a bonfire on the shores of Lake Minnetonka:

  • Red-hot offense: The Wild are about to score at a blistering pace, fueled by Kaprizov, Boldy, and Rossi.
  • Fortress Xcel: Home ice advantage has never been more crucial. The Xcel Energy Center is buzzing with energy, and the Wild feed off that electrifying atmosphere, which will turn it into wins.
  • Defensive grit: The Wild boast a mediocre defense. It would be complete trash if it weren’t saved by the top rookie player in the league, Brock Faber. They’re going to build off his mojo to make life difficult for opposing teams. This will generate turnovers and create scoring opportunities.

Leadership in the Crease

While Gus Bus is continuing to make his mark, we’ve got to turn the focus to the Flower himself, Marc-AndrĂ© Fleury. A champion with experience under pressure, stands tall between the pipes. His calmness and clutch saves have been instrumental in securing victories. And after tonight, HA. Gator’s back.

Of Course, Challenges Lie Ahead

Injuries have derailed this team over and over again this season, and the grueling NHL schedule tests any contender. But the Wild are healthy(ish).

So, can they do it? Can they surpass the Penguins’ legendary streak and rewrite history? Only time will tell. After last night’s earth-shattering win, (over said Penguins, no less) anything is possible. As Taylor Swift would say; “the Wild win streak is 13 (+3) away from breaking the all time record, and I think they will do it.” But one thing’s for sure: the excitement in Minnesota has arrived. (Move over Wolves).