everson griffen and deer

Everson Griffen Concussed After Saving Bambi’s Mother

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Vikings fans have been through a lot over the years. Minnesota is cursed, we all know this. At this point, the weird shit that happens under Mike Zimmer (and really, the entire history of the Minnesota Vikings) shouldn’t surprise us anymore. So when Everson Griffen was mysteriously added to the injury report with a concussion, most of us just kinda shrugged it off and assumed something happened in practice.

And then the real reason broke.

First off, kudos to Griff for saving the deer. He may be a bad motherfucker on the field, but he’s clearly a great guy. A real heart and soul guy who always gives 100%.

Secondly, godspeed in his recovery. I was a huge fan of Ev coming back to Minnesota, especially in a smaller role. I’m not the only dude at 10K who is a big fan either. Concussions are scary shit, even when you don’t already have a history of brain issues. I’m seriously hoping that he is gonna be ok both short-term and long-term.

This is Peak Vikings

Now, with that all being said… How unbelievably Vikings is this? This is seriously PEAK Vikings. We should have known this season would be weird when the #1 show of the summer was about the NORSE GOD OF TRICKS. In hindsight, that absolutely should have been a sign that the football gods had some goofy shit planned for the Vikings.

Between Cousins demanding plexiglass, getting torched by a rookie receiver who didn’t know the NFL ball is bigger than the NCAA ball, a former Vikings QB who destroyed his foot kicking in his friend’s door absolutely going OFF and now this, I can honestly say: This Vikings season is going to be a wild ride. Get well soon, Everson Griffen. I’ve got a feeling we’re gonna need you this year.