Everyone In The NFC North Sucks. Except Us.

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Bumpy Start? Just a Speed Bump

We’re all well aware of how the first two games of the Vikings season ended…not very fucking well.

Week One, when we played the loser Bengals, I honestly thought we didn’t have a chance of losing…

I also thought there wasn’t a chance in hell we lose when our boy Greg Joseph nailed that 53 yard game-tying field that pushed the game to overtime…

Wrong again…turns out the NFL never wants anything to go the Vikings way and called Dalvin Cook down when his ass was clearly on the turf, but fuck…you can’t blame the whole game on that.

Dalvin Cook fumbles, Germaine Pratt recovers vs. Cincinnati Bengals
From the Bengals website saying he fumbles…fuck you guys. He clearly has the ball and his cheeks are on the ground. Bitches.

The offense looked decent and the defense looked…bad. But both played well enough to beat the fucking Bengals. Regardless, we blew it. I thought the season was over but at least we have a kicker!

Kyler Murray shines, Greg Joseph crumbles as Vikings fall to Cardinals
Spoke too soon.

We all know what happened. Moving on.

Then…time to fuck the Sea Chickens.

It really was fitting that after a Blair Walsh-esque finish against that Cardinals that we rail the very team that has benefited from the Vikings shit ass kicking the most.

Even with Dalvin Cook out, Alexander Mattison kicked ass with like a thousand total yards. Kirk Cousins silenced all the unnecessary haters with throwing for like two thousand yards and just looked awesome overall. The line gave him a decent enough time to make some throws and it really showed. I’ve seen online everywhere all these QB efficiency and overall greatness states and Kirk is a the top of all of them if not number one.

The defense also finally started to look like a Mike Zimmer defense in the second half and that’s really the final piece to the puzzle. We got some pressure on Wilson and the secondary wasn’t burnt toast like they’ve been in the first two games.

Once we get guys like Cook and Barr back, this team will be unstoppable.

This is maybe obviously an overreaction but in a sports market such as Minnesota…we need to take what we can get and run with that fucker.

For The Rest Of The Shit Stained NFC North…

Aaron Rodgers Singing & Dancing His Face Off In Hawaii Days Before Skipping  Packers OTAs

This is the Green Bay Packers. They might be okay but they can go fuck themselves.

Matt Nagy says Andy Dalton, not Justin Fields, remains Bears starter

The Bears are the Bears. Andy Dalton has sucked for pretty much ever…and even with Justin Fields in last week they looked like shit. I’m in no way worried about the Bears at all. Except for when we play play them…then I will be worried.

Above is a picture of Ameer Abdulluah for when he played for the Lions. He now plays for the Vikings. Off the top of my head he was the only Lion I could think of besides Matt Stafford and he’s not even there anymore. The Lions are also atrocious and shouldn’t be in the Vikings way this season.

It’s All Up To The Vikings

Turns out the Vikings might be a pretty decent team after last weeks performance. If our line can keep giving Kirky time to keep throwing dimes, then I don’t see how we could not win the NFC North. The only real competition will probably be the Packers which means it will most likely come down to who wins those two matchups and the rest of their division games.

Either way Minnesota, besides the Kirill signing, finally has something sports related to look forward to since the the Gophers suck and Twins were out of playoff contention in like May July.