Exorcising Our Demons: Ranking the Top 5 Worst Timberwolves Opening Day Lineups


The Minnesota Timberwolves enter the 2023-2024 NBA season as one of the league’s most promising and exciting teams. For the last two seasons they have made the playoffs through the Western Conference play-in tournament and lost in the first round to juggernaut teams. This year, expectations are much higher, and for die hard Wolves fans who have suffered through the dark ages of this franchise, this is a dream come true. 

Twas not long ago that professional basketball in Minnesota was a sore subject. You could rummage in your couch for enough change to get you in the Target Center doors. In honor of the suffering that us Wolves fans have endured for decades with this team and the bright future of our current squad, here are the top five WORST Timberwolves opening day lineups. 

#5 2014-2015 Wolves (16-66)

PG: Ricky Rubio 

SG: Andrew Wiggins 

SF: Corey Brewer 

PF: Thaddeus Young 

C: Nikola Pekovíc 

If Nikola Pekovíc doesn’t give you a little Wolves nostalgia there is something wrong with you. No offense to any of these guys but this team was horrendous. Rookie Andrew Wiggins got all of our hopes up only to disappoint us for the next five years, and the team was so bad we got the number one pick in the 2015 draft. 

Corey Brewer did score 51 points against the Rockets in a game during this season. That was cool. 

#4 2013-2014 Wolves (40-42) 

PG: Ricky Rubio

SG: Kevin Martin

SF: Corey Brewer

PF: Kevin Love 

C: Nikola Pekovíc 

We have now entered the Kevin Love and underwhelming supporting cast portion of this list. Now I know what you’re thinking: “Caden, this team was almost .500 why are they on this list?” Because we are only ranking the starting five. I dare you to look me in my eyes and tell me that Kevin Martin and Corey Brewer as your starting wing players make for a good lineup. 

Kevin Martin was absolute money in 2k though, I will give you that. 

#3 2010-2011 Wolves (17-65) 

 PG: Luke Ridnour 

SG: Wayne Ellington 

SF: Michael Beasley 

PF: Kevin Love 

C: Darko Miličić

I remember convincing my 10 year old self that Michael Beasley and Darko Miličić were good enough supporting cast members to maybe bring us close to a playoff race. The Timberwolves may have the most historically bad draft picks of any professional sports team ever, and this lineup is proof of that. 

#2 2012-2013 Wolves (31-51) 

PG: Luke Ridnour

SG: Brandon Roy 

SF: Derrick Williams 

PF: Andrei Kirilenko 

C: Nikola Pekovíc 

Kevin Love was hurt for most of this season only playing 18 games, so this is what the 2012 Wolves rolled out for their opening day lineup. How in the world did this team win 31 games?! Not a single player averaged 20 points a game. Honestly an impressive showing when Pekovíc and Kirilenko were your go-to scorers. 

#1 2009-2010 Wolves (15-67) 

PG: Johnny Flynn 

SG: Corey Brewer 

SF: Ryan Gomes 

PF: Damien Wilkins 

C: Al Jefferson

This in my opinion is the depths of Timberwolves hell. Shoutout to each and every Wolves fan who spent their hard earned money and drove to Target Center to watch this putrid lineup play basketball on opening day.

Not a single All-Star appearance from anybody in this lineup and a shitty starting point guard who we drafted before Steph Curry in 2009. It’s never been worse than this, and I hope for every single Wolves fan for the rest of eternity that this is as bad as it ever gets. 

A Moment of Reflection

Shake yourself awake. Take a deep breath. It’s just a bad dream. 

There’s hope and excitement for this 2023-2024 team. Vegas has our over/under for wins at 44.5. Anthony Edwards is a star. KAT is out for revenge. Rudy and Jaden are shut down defenders. The bench and supporting cast is loaded with young talent. 

We’ve made it. WOLVES BACK!