F*** the NBA Refs

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Another day, another night of NBA Refs absolutely f*****g over the Timberwolves, it leaves you wondering. What the hell do we have to do to get any respect from the zebras? Regardless, F*** the NBA Refs.

The Wolves got absolutely hosed by officiating against the Celtics. All of us Wolves fans know how bad it has been this year, but last night was on a new level. It’s hard to always blame only the refs but in this game that is exactly what I am going to do. Here are the hideous mistakes down the stretch that cost us the game. NOT EVEN INCLUDING ALL THE MISTAKES EARLY ON.


The Boston Celtics coach during the loose ball at the end of the game for some reason ran all the way onto the court. He was ON OUR 3 PT LINE. That is 1000000000000% a technical foul but the refs claimed “they didn’t see him”. That is absolute bullshit and they know it. Just look at this garbage.

In this video, there is literally a ref to his left by our sideline. A few of our players are also making it clear to the refs what is going on. These fraud refs need to be held accountable for how dogshit they are so consistently. Like own up to your mistake, don’t try to act like it wasn’t your fault.


During the proceeding jump ball, Grant Williams 10000% touched the ball illegally. It isn’t even a question if it was illegal or not, it was, but the refs apparently don’t know the rules. So, so very ironic, isn’t it? Here is that horrible play.

In a jump ball situation, you aren’t allowed to touch the ball until it is on the way down. Anyone with working eyes can see Williams literally immediately smacks the ball almost the second it goes up. How the fuck don’t the Refs see that? IT IS LITERALLY YOUR JOB. Anyone who feels bad for the refs at any point, fuck you. They get paid well, they make shit personal and then continue to fuck up over and over in key spots. It has been so bad this year but this has been a lot of Wolves fans breaking point at least. After the game Rudy even said, “I wouldn’t lose a jump ball to Grant Williams, with all due respect.” It is just getting out of hand, another key fuck up in this huge game.


Now on the fly I decided to change the 3rd one that I thought was the most BS. I was gonna do how Horford switched positions even before the jump, which you can’t do. You can see that in the video above, but this one was way more maddening. Meanwhile, Rudy got a T for doing a small flex after a dunk. Like how the fuck is that a technical?

How is that even taunting? You can’t celebrate anything in this league anymore. You get the biggest poster of the year? Don’t you dare celebrate, it is ridiculous. This is the second time he has gotten a T for that. There have been numerous other players who have flexed and it is fine though. Why is that the case? Only thing that makes sense is that it is the Wolves. It is so very sad, but here is the play.

It just doesn’t make a lick of sense. If this is a T, be consistent with it. That isn’t how they do it though, they just pick and choose when they wanna give a T. Most of the time it is when they are in their feelings and when it is personal. What a god damn joke. We have to play against the other team and the refs nightly. It isn’t easy to win like that.

This should tell you all you need to know. This is a team who is pretty well tempered and doesn’t complain a lot. I know KAT does, but he has been out most of the year. So how the hell are we leading in all these categories? There is no legit answer that actually makes sense.

The refs do not like us and it has shown consistently. I don’t wanna hear the BS either that you have to earn it and you have to establish rapport with the refs. It’s obvious that there’s media influence, but come on!!!! What kind of scripted, entertainment business is that if that is indeed the case. It isn’t even a sport then, it is a show. It’s gotten so bad that even our Wild podcast had to comment on the officiating!

Call the damn game fairly, you shouldn’t have to establish a thing.

Wolves fans, this isn’t new sadly. We will try to battle through it as a fanbase. Let’s just hope it doesn’t screw us and keep us out of the playoffs. Talk soon Wolves fans….Last thing, F*** the NBA Refs.